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Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol

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Prior to seeing a trailer for Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol, my only familiarity with the MI franchise was the awesome theme music. Despite being a fan of action movies, I was too young to get into the franchise when it debuted, and as I got older I just never picked it up. However, once I saw the preview for Ghost Protocol I was instantly interested and couldn’t wait for it to come out. In preparation for the fourth installment, I figured it was about time I saw the first three films. While I enjoyed the original Mission Impossible trilogy, going into MI4 I had a very high expectation. The previews for the film were so captivating, I hoped it could live up to the hype. 

The newest installment of the franchise follows Tom Cruise as IMF agent Ethan Hunt as he and his new team must save the world and clear the name of the IMF agency after they are shut down and blamed for the bombing at the Kremlin. With no one to trust but each other and no new equipment or technology, the rouge team must overcome a number of challenges along the way.

Ghost Protocol is a non-stop action thrill ride with well timed stunts and fight sequences. The plot is exciting despite being similar to the other three films. There is a certain formula to all spy movies, viewers who accept this and enjoy the acting and thrill of the film will be pleased; viewers who want a completely new format and story will be disappointed. It wouldn’t be a blockbuster spy movie if the world wasn’t in jeopardy of some major terrorist attack with only one man/team to save it all. 

I was very impressed with Ghost Protocol. Tom Cruise definitely proved that he still has it. While it was obvious he had to work harder at the stunts, it fit well into the story and made his character more believable. I don’t know if its the writing or Tom Cruise’s acting but one of thing thing I like most about the MI movies is I don’t feel Ethan Hunt takes himself too seriously. The four Mission Impossible films seem playful and fun, while some spy movies seem too serious and pompous. There is a lightness to Ethan Hunt and Cruise’s portrayal of him.

Jeremy Renner was a perfect addition to the cast. His portrayal of IMF analyst William Brandt was fantastic. He perfectly balanced the badass field agent with the mysterious simple analyst. Renner and Cruise work really well together dynamically. I would love to see how the relationship between their two characters change and evolves in the fifth movie.

Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol is an excellent addition to the Mission Impossible Trilogy. It adds to an already great franchise. I appreciate that through all four films, the series has held its own and kept making movies with interesting stories that are worth being told and not relying solely on the franchise and actors names to carry the projects. In my opinion MI4 is just as good if not better than some of the previous films.


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