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Monday, November 12 TV Review

For the sake of saving time I’m reviewing all the shows briefly in one post.

2 Broke Girls
And the Candy Manwich”

"And the Candy Manwich" was a fantastic episode of 2 Broke Girls. It was nice to see Max and Caroline leave the diner and have some time to further develop their friendship. Obviously the diner is key to the show being a sitcom but it’s always refreshing when they can get away from the diner and the cupcake business and have five seconds away from life. Everyone needs a break now and then, including the fans.

Andy was a great addition to the episode. I hope the writers handle Caroline and Andy’s relationship better than they did Johnny and Max’s. I wanted to root for Max and Johnny but the writing never supported it. First there was too little of Johnny, then a period with out him or any mention of him, then he was everywhere. It felt too haphazard. I’m really hoping Andy will be written with better care.

The jokes and humor this episode were also superior than past episodes. Nothing felt repetitive to me. I didn’t feel they were overusing any one joke/type of joke, there was a great amount of variety. And that, is what made it one of my favorites. 

Overall, a great episode, very enjoyable.


Hawaii Five 0
"I Ka Wa Mamua"

With Danno’s 100% guarantee how could this episode lose?

100% perfect from start to finish.


Ties That Bind”“

Oh Revolution. You are that one show, I love and hate. The show I want to love and sometimes do, but then I remember you are utterly predictable and shallow.

Everyone knew Nora’s sister was taken and going to be used as bate based on the preview last week. I was concerned for about 2 seconds for her safety, but the minute they saved her, I began to suspect that there was so much more in play. They got away too easily for it to be anything less than an elaborate trap. Plus, let’s face it they’ve been writing one crazy dilemma after another just to delay our hero’s goals. (Although, that is the basis of story telling, I suppose. But I always like when stories, make it feel effortless rather than forced dilemmas).

While it was very predictable, I almost believed (aka I wanted to believe) that Nora might actually go with her sister and leave, but that was obviously never going to happen, I just hoped a lot it would. So now the question lies in when we will see Nora’s sister again, because you know it’s gonna happen. TV land doesn’t let stories end like they did tonight. Not when the characters have been through so much. Her sister will find redemption just as Miles has been doing. It’s just a matter of time.

On the good side, Miles did get to fight and that is always enjoyable. He still is the only character that has any dimensions and even then, there are times when his character falls flat too. Charlie on the other hand is utterly dead weight. She has so little personality it pains me.


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And the Hidden Stash

2 broke girls, two broke girls, 2 broke girl$, kat dennings

I really enjoyed season one as a whole, but there were times when the show took the level off comedy really low. The opening sequence of tonight’s episode “And the Hidden Stash” echoed that sentiment to me. Yes, I know the breast feeding/age issue has been highly publicized of late, with a seemingly increasing level of older children still feeding, but I’m with Caroline, it kind of makes me sick. The dead twin/doll thing with Sophia really was awful too.

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And Martha Stewart Have a Ball

2 broke girls, two broke girls, 2 broke girl$, kat dennings

I can’t believe the2 Broke Girlsseason finale is already upon us. It doesn’t seem possible. This freshman CBS comedy has been a great addition to their successful line up. I look forward to seeing what laughs and tricks the girls bring to their sophomore season in the fall.

Until then, I will have to enjoy the one hour two part finale guest starring Martha Stewart.

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And the Big Buttercream Breakthrough

2 broke girls, two broke girls, 2 broke girl$, kat dennings

When Caroline uses the girls contact with Peach to get the cupcake business a new client, Max is less than thrilled by the result. Max doesn’t want to risk her job and relationship with Peach to further the cupcake business. She also is not a fan of the order requested by the new client, as buttercream frosting is a “bitch.”

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