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Hold on to Sixteen

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"Hold on to Sixteen" was a great episode of Glee. There were a few moments where I was skeptical of the plot, but I’ve come to learn, Glee is what it is. The cult drama comes with its own box of crazy. I’ve learned it is best to just accept the show and enjoy it despite its flaws.

Aside from a few moments, the episode overall was wonderful. The song choices were superb. They were sung beautifully. I am glad the focus was back on the Glee Club members and not the teachers. Also, almost everyone got a moment to sing, which is a huge feat for the show. Typically, especially in competitions, we are delivered an overwhelming amount of solos and duets by the same characters every time, but luckily tonight’s Sectionals were different.

I don’t understand why every episode of the series can’t be like tonight’s. Yes, they are high schoolers and they have their drama and fights, but in the end, they know that it will all be okay because they have each other.

This gif, describes perfectly the episode and what I truely believe every person watching Glee should understand.


In one simple episode, we got Sam Evans back, the old Quinn back, and there is finally peace between everyone. I expect that peace to be short lived as what is Glee with out the drama, but for now, the New Directions are back together. One happy family, where everyone is where they are supposed to be.


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