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Monday Night Televsion

Hey Readers!

Thank you to everyone who follows this blog and all the viewers who just read my postings under their tags. I appreciate all the views.

Seeing as the spring 2012 television season has begun, I’d like to explain what will be happening.

There are an abundance of great television shows on Monday nights. In the fall, I think I began with 6 shows I reviewed each Monday but cut a few out, ending the year with 3 or 4 shows I was doing on Mondays.

I think I need to cut out a few more shows.

Here is the current list of shows I review, that all happen to be on Mondays.

  • Pretty Little Liars
  • The Lying Game
  • Hawaii Five 0
  • 2 Broke Girls
  • House
  • Being Human
  • Alcatraz  

7 is too many, and I still watch HIMYM even though I cut reviewing that and Two and Half Men already. So feel free to let me know if anyone has a preference as to what I keep or cut from reviewing.

Unless I get feedback otherwise I will be keeping

  • Pretty Little Liars
  • Being Human
  • Hawaii Five 0
  • 2 Broke Girls

Which means I’ll be dropping House and The Lying Game.

Leaving Alcatraz to be decided.

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Sex, Lies and Hard Knocks High

The lying game, lying game

With one episode left before the winter hiatus, The Lying Game has developed into a more enjoyable show. While I will always wish for more suspense and to actually learn more about what the lying games are/were, for now I am finally enjoying the relationships and storylines of the show.

The title of tonight’s episode, “Sex, Lies and Hard Knocks High,” summarizes the events that occurred. In Phoenix, the overarching theme of the episode was lies. Laurel, Justin, Kristen and Ted dealt with Laurel and Justin’s lie about them not having sex. While Laurel and Kristen grew closer in the end by telling the truth, Ted intimidated Justin, leaving him to believe Ted is not as great as he appears. Good call there, Justin.

Emma on the other hand is frustrated by Ted and Kristen’s knowledge about her and Sutton’s mother but their need to lie about it. Eventually Kristen tells Emma/Sutton the truth, however, everything Kristen knows is a lie from Ted. Part of me is surprised that Kristen doesn’t know more or at least suspect more, and the other part of me, knows Ted and Alec wouldn’t trust anyone else. I agree with Emma, Kristen is way to innocent and fragile to be told the truth, at least for now. They need actual evidence because Kristen isn’t going to believe anything other than what she knows. Kristen kind of reminds me of Sandra Bennett on Heroes. In time, I think she would be able to handle the truth and be stronger for it, but for now she is just in her happy perfect world.

Meanwhile in Las Vegas, for possibly the first time in her life, Sutton is getting a reality check. She has heard from Emma, about her life in Vegas, but now she is experiencing it first hand. She sees what the living conditions are, what Emma’s foster mother is like, and what true friends are. Its impressive that Lexi figured out Sutton’s identity in a couple days, but Char and Mads have no idea. It shows the difference in the level of trust and true friendship between the two sisters and their respective friends. I’m glad Sutton saw what it was like for Emma and stuck it out for a couple days, but I feel based on the preview for next week that she didn’t learn any lasting lesson. It seems like bitch Sutton is back with a vengeance next week.

Alec continues to be the creepy man we have come to love, or hate. I’m still trying to figure out who Sutton and Emma’s real father is, obviously it’s Ted or Alec, and I’m starting to think its Alec. He seems to have even more invested in it all. I wonder if Ted even knows everything. I can’t remember, does he for sure even know about Emma? Alec knows about the switch, which is already more than Ted. It seems trust isn’t a two way street with them.

With next week’s mid season finale, things seem like they’re about to hit their tipping point. I hope that Emma isn’t totally kicked to the side after everything. Nothing that is going on is her fault, except the Ethan thing, but not even that. Sutton is responsible for all the trouble and lying; she didn’t give Emma a choice, she just left. Sutton is quite self centered and has a lot to learn.

Overall another good episode of this freshman series. I look forward to next week’s episode it should prove to be an exciting end to the first half of the season.


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Never Have I Ever

The lying game, lying game

I’m not sure if the show has gotten a little better, or if I’ve finally accepted it for what it is, and have let myself enjoy it; maybe a little of both. Either way, I thought tonight’s episode, “Never Have I Ever,” was the best so far.

There was a lot of drama, as there has been, but there was also a lot of anticipation; while it wasn’t quite the suspense, I’ve been hoping for, it was an improvement from the past few weeks. There was the potential for some truly suspenseful moments, which while they were improved from the show so far, they could have been pushed further.

The web of lies is starting to unravel all over, making the story more interesting as anticipation rises. First there was Emma’s foster brother who came to Phoenix and was hoping to rob the Mercer’s in exchange to keeping quiet about the switch. Then, Alec received a call from Annie who believes Sutton and knows that he’s been lying to her all these years. Finally, at a conference Ted runs into an old acquaintance who mistook Kristen for Annie, leading Kristen with a feeling she can’t shake.

While each situation worked itself out with different results, from the way things are heading, the drama and secrets can only increase over the next two episodes before hiatus. The show which I was starting to lose hope in, may finally be finding its way.

Despite all the secrets and family drama, there was also some relationship developments and secrets between Laurel and Justin and Emma and Ethan. Its becoming clear that Justin is hiding much more than being a runaway with dreams of a golf scholarship. I’m not sure how he fits into the web of lies between Ted and Alec, but it seems like Justin may know something, unless he is harboring more of his own past. Only time will tell on that front. As for Ethan and Emma, I’m quite happy with the progress they made. There were some rocky moments, and misunderstandings, but they are growing closer through it all.

Thayer was also really great with things, and I wish him the best. I know he loves Sutton, but she is bad news, as we saw in the letter she was writing.

Overall, a solid episode of The Lying Game. Lets hope the show can keep up the intrigue.


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Escape from Sutton Island

The lying game, lying game

Monday night’s episode of The Lying Game follows the trend of the series, drama over mystery and suspense. I still wish this would change a little because I feel it would only make the series stronger, but I’m beginning to accept the show for what it is. The Lying Game is a good cable television series for females between the ages of 13-25. While I don’t think it comes close to comparing to ABC Family’s successful Pretty Little Liars, it has become a stable addition to the channels line up. However for fans of the series who are toward the older side of the target audience, I recommend the CW’s Ringer. The series is very similar in topic to TLG but is more adult themed.

Monday’s episode was fast paced with many different plots intersecting. Its only a matter of time before the secret is out. Within the past 2 weeks, there have been several inconsistencies in Emma/Sutton’s behavior leading to tension between her friendships. There was a point where it almost seemed that Emma was going to tell them, but she pulled a Sutton and convincingly covered everything up for the moment. While I anxiously await the secret being revealed, the anticipation of this event will keep viewers watching.

Alec Rybak is still my favorite part of the show. The mysterious DA with all the secrets is easily one of the most interesting parts of TLG. I look forward to seeing what he does know and why he is covering things up. It seems like he may be aware of the Sutton/Emma switch, which will further make things interesting as Sutton is now being sent to Las Vegas to Emma’s original life. 

As I have mentioned previously, Alex Chando is a fantastic actress. Her performances as Sutton and Emma are perfect. I love watching her each week to admire her acting talent. While I don’t expect the series to win any awards, I hope that in the future Alex Chando gets some recognition for her work on the series. She is doing a phenomenal job playing both characters but making each’s physicalities different.

The most shocking moment came in the last few seconds as Emma’s step brother found her at Sutton’s home. It will be interesting to see how Emma/Sutton handles this, at the same time as Sutton is being sent back to Emma’s life in Las Vegas. Things might be picking up as the series approaches its fall finale. I look forward to seeing how things unfold

Overall, another consistent episode for The Lying Game. Fans of the series will love it, but it did nothing to draw new fans in.


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Earlier today I caught up on the first episode of the CW’s new drama Ringer, which I hadn’t realized premiered last week. Now with Glee and New Girl watched and reviewed, I figured I’d check out the second episode of SMG’s new series to see how it fared.

On first glance, the show is a young adult version of ABC Family’s The Lying Game. The shows are obviously vary similar in concept. Twin sisters separated for some time. In the case of TLG its their whole lives up until HS, in Ringer its for several years. Many people in each of their lives are unaware of the other sister’s existence. This allows one of the sisters to take the others place while the other is off doing something else. The major difference is in TLG, the sister who is gone knows where the other sister is, with the Ringer Bridget assumes Siobhan is dead.

The quality of the shows both also leave a lot to be desired when compared to other primetime network shows. However with both shows on cable channels, there is a limit on the quality that can be expected. Both shows hold up against their respective channels line up, but neither are the above average for the channels.

Originally Ringer didn’t peak my interest. To be honest, the only reason I wanted to check it out was for Nestor Carbonell. I loved him as Richard Alpert on Lost and have enjoyed the rest of his work that I have seen. I’m enjoying him back on my television even if it means I have to watch him in this. He is still wonderful, but I hope he can get on a better show as soon as possible. He deserves it.

Much like TLG, Ringer has the potential to be suspenseful and mysterious but it falls short. It doesn’t build on what it has. For instance, it was quite obvious that Siobhan was setting Bridget up and she didn’t die. She left her rings so that it would be easy for Bridget to fall into her role, knowing her sister needed to get out of her life. While the show could have let viewers question things further, wondering what happened, they show Shioban at the end of the pilot episode in France, completely fine.

There are the many obvious questions such as: why did Siobhan abandon her life? What is she doing in Paris? Is she the one behind the hit on herself/her sister? Is she trying to start over? If she’s not behind the hit, who is? What did Bridget do 6 years ago? Did Siobhan plan the hit because she didn’t forgive Bridget for the Sean thing and she could take out her sister and start over with one simple murder?

Obviously all these are important questions that could make the show suspenseful, but thus far it seems rather dry and predictable. I will give the show a couple more episodes to see if it improves, but honestly if it weren’t for Nestor Carbonell, I wouldn’t give the show a second chance.

Ringer has the potential to be an addicting drama with its thrills and mysterious, but for now it hasn’t delivered enough to make it a stand out series.


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Bad Boys Break Hearts

The lying game, lying game

I forgot that The Lying Game was moved from 9pm to 8pm; almost missed it. Now I’ll have to re-figure out my Monday night 8pm time slot watching/reviewing.

The Lying Game, How I Met Your Mother or Terra Nova. Choices!


So as I always do, I started reviewing and making notes about the episode as it it aired, but in the last 10 minutes, I changed my entire view. Instead of viewing the show as a drama or suspenseful series, I’m going to watch it as a comedy. Its so much better that way. I mean seriously, that hospital scene was hysterical.

As things have gone in the past several episodes, I’m thinking my wish for a more suspenseful and mysterious show, is never going to happen. So this may effect whether I continue watching TLG in its new 8pm time slot or turn to Terra Nova or HIMYM instead.

Lets start with what I enjoyed about the episode tonight. I am happy that Ethan broke up with Sutton and was with Emma for her… that is until Emma told him that Sutton was cheating on him, and he freaked out. That was a bit unnecessary. Was that really shocking to him? Sutton was cheating on her last boyfriend with him. Who knows who else Sutton has been with.

Ethan then complicated things more by slipping Emma’s name into a conversation with Char. Things finally get interesting at the hospital when Ethan tries to explain things to Char, who tells Emma/Sutton about Emma, which leads to everyone asking who Emma is, when Thayer enters. Oh, this should be good. I can’t wait to see how they explain this. Its all so ridiculous that its hysterical. I hope I’m not the only one who felt that way. 

I’m glad that Laurel found out Justin’s secret, because it was obvious that there was something along those lines coming. Again, they could have made this more suspenseful, but it was quite obvious all along.

Finally, there is Adrian Pasdar…. he should be the whole show. Honestly, his web of lies is the most entertaining thing. I keep waiting to see what crazy thing he’ll do next. Oh, Alex Rybak.

Overall, the episode continues the series’ mediocre trend. However, I did enjoy the comedic nature of it all, so that might just win me over, if it continues. I’m not sure if that was the direction the show intended or if I’m the only one finding it funny. Either way, it improves the show in my opinion.

3.8/5 (I couldn’t decide between 3.5 and 4)

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Fall Television, here we come!

With so many returning and new shows, Fall 2011 has many options for television viewers. Here is a list of the shows I’ll be watching. Let me know what you think or if I’m missing anything major!

8pm- How I Met Your Mother (CBS) [returning 9/19]
8pm- Terra Nova (Fox) [starting 9/26- 2 hour premiere]
9pm- The Lying Game (ABC Family) [continuing]
9pm- House (Fox) [returning 10/3]
10pm- Hawaii Five-0 (CBS) [returning 9/19]

8pm- Glee (Fox) [returning 9/20]
9pm- New Girl (Fox) [starting 9/20]
9pm- The Ringer (CW) [started 9/14]

8pm- X Factor (Fox) [starting 9/21]
10pm- Revenge (ABC) [starting 9/21]
10pm- American Horror Story (FX) [starting 10/5]

8pm- Big Bang Theory (CBS) [returning 9/22]
8:30pm- How to be a Gentleman (CBS) [starting 9/29]
9pm- Grey’s Anatomy (ABC) [returning 9/22]
9pm- Person of Interest (CBS) [starting 9/22]

9pm- Fringe (Fox) [returning 9/23]

Obviously there are many overlaps in my schedule so I won’t be able to watch them all live. Most likely shows that I don’t watch live, I won’t be reviewing unless it is requested and/or I can catch up on it in a timely fashion. That being said these are the shows I’m planning on reviewing (time permitting). For any of the new shows, I’ll watch for 3 episodes and if I really don’t like the show, I’ll stop watching/reviewing.

*=I find a job or time doesn’t permit starred shows are my priority for reviewing.

8pm- Terra Nova
9pm- The Lying Game
10pm- Hawaii Five-0 *

8pm- Glee *
9pm- New Girl (most likely)
[I am planning on checking out The Ringer as well because I love Nestor Carbonell, so which ever show I like better is what I’ll review, but for now I’ll say New Girl. It looks like the better show.]

8pm- X Factor (50/50 chance)
10pm- American Horror Story

8:30pm- How to be a Gentleman (Possibly depending on my interest in the pilot.)
9pm- Person of Interest*

9pm- Fringe (Fox)*

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The Lying Game So Far…

The lying game, lying game

I just caught up on the first few episodes of The Lying Game. I’m not sure if it will be a show I will blog about weekly or not (unless people request that I do so.) My feelings toward the series, so far, are mixed. I will give the show a few more episodes before I praise it or write it off.

Thoughts, review and brief recap after the break to avoid potential spoilers.

(I will be relating and comparing The Lying Game to Pretty Little Liars.)

Read more …

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