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Where You Belong (#Together) [“A Short Story About Love”]

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I can not possibly review the episode, because it was perfect in every single way. The ending obviously helped that out, but honestly, the entire episode was phenomenal. The case was interesting, it further developed the relationships of the characters. Peter and Walter continued to bond and work together, in a beautiful way. Peter continued his observer quest, and I am quite pleased with the result. It proved I was correct in my theory all along, which is awesome. It also proved that Peter and Olivia belong together and it is their love (and others who love him) that kept him from being completely erased.

"A Short Story About Love" was beautifully written, acted and directed from start to finish. Even the ending which was a little cliche, fit well. They deserved a cliche, romantic encounter.



(I should add that Seth Gabel was phenomenal at playing a pinning Lincoln Lee, but I don’t actually get when Lincoln fell so in love with Olivia. He just met her a few months ago, and she barely pays any attention to him. She really has never returned his affection. I feel he saw Alt-Lincoln and Fauxlivia and thought he could have their closeness but they aren’t the same to people. Lincoln deserves someone who loves him, and Olivia can never be that for him. Olivia and Peter have been starcrossed lovers since they were children. Lincoln loves Olivia but he is not in love with her.)

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