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With the third season of Glee coming to a close, “Choke” is the first episode that I feel focused more on those graduating then other issues. In other words, the episode was not over dominated with Blaine. We actually went an entire episode and Darren did not have a solo. I thought the world might end before that, but I was wrong, thankfully. Obviously that was dramatic and I don’t entirely mean it, but needless to say, I welcomed the lack of Blaine solos. Darren Criss fans really can’t complain either, Blaine still had plenty of screen time (more than many other characters) so it was a nice middle ground. Blaine was still there, he just wasn’t in my face every five seconds.

That all being said, I liked the episode. While it was not the best or my favorite, I feel it began to point the show back into a direction that will help bring it full circle and pull the focus back to the original glee club members and the graduating seniors.

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The Purple Piano Project

glee, new directions, impossible things, blaine, kurt, rachel, artie, klaine, regionals, darren criss, finn, they kissed, chris colfer, darren criss,

Glee is back and so is Sue Sylvester’s rage toward the Arts and Glee club. Now she is taking her stand statewide as she runs for Ohio Congress!

To start, lets just get some housekeeping out of the way.

Seniors: Rachel, Finn, Kurt, Mike, Santana, Brittany, Quinn, Mercedes

Juniors: Artie, Tina

Sam is gone; his dad got a job and his family moved.

Lauren is out of Glee club; it’s not cool enough for her.

Wemma is on. As are Finchel, Klaine, and the Asians.

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A Gleeful Comback

My first review of Glee! I originally wasn’t planning on reviewing Glee because I was afraid of how reviewing it might reflect how I feel about the show later. I really love Glee and the characters in the show. I’m not a huge fan of musicals but I do like some, while I think some others are over the top. I think Glee is the perfect fit because it mixes pop culture with the musical form. Something other series have tried to do in the past but failed.

I guess tonight’s episode is the perfect example of pop culture taking over. Usually every week there is some theme to the songs or at least part of the songs. Tonight’s was, the one and only, Justin Bieber. Personally I can not stand him. I don’t think he is that talented and I also don’t think he has a great personality. From interviews I’ve seen/read and hearing about him from other people, he seems kind of stuck up, full of himself and cocky (basically all the same, but felt the need to list all).

Anyways, the episode began with Sam (Chord Overstreet) singing a cover of “Baby” to impress his girlfriend, Quinn (Dianna Agron).

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