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The Consultant

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I’ve been keeping a close track on all the renewal/cancellation rumors for Fringe’s fifth season, and from what I’ve been reading a thirteen episode final season seems promising. Lets all keep our fingers crossed that this in fact does happen. While I’d much prefer a full twenty-two episodes, thirteen is enough to keep it a live just a bit more. It gives the writers notice that this is it, so they can make sure they end it fully how they want it to end. It also will mean Fringe will hit the 100 episode mark which it is eligible to go into syndication. Achieving that many episodes for this series would be a spectacular feat for the series and a testament to its fanbase. So lets keep our thoughts positive, and continue to spread the word of #Fringe. As always #SaveFringe.

I hate that ratings for this series are so low. I watch a lot of television, I don’t even write about 1/3 of what I watch, but Fringe is easily one of the best, smartest series. It deserves more viewers. Although I had concerns about the direction the season was taking early on, the past several weeks have proven those concerns irrelevant over and over again. “The Consultant” continues to impress and bring season four to an amazing close. 

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Nothing as it Seems

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Ever since Peter disappeared at the end of last season, and we were introduced to the altered timeline at the beginning of this season, I was always curious how the Fringe Divisions cases were the same or different due to the change. It has taken the majority of the season, but finally Fringe delivers what I’d been hoping for, and I was not disappointed.

"Nothing as it Seems" show how certain aspects of the universe outside Fringe Division and Massive Dynamic has changed. It seems in the Peter-less timeline, the villains were gaining the upper hand (slowly). David Robert Jones seems to finally be making a mark on things.

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Where You Belong (#Together) [“A Short Story About Love”]

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I can not possibly review the episode, because it was perfect in every single way. The ending obviously helped that out, but honestly, the entire episode was phenomenal. The case was interesting, it further developed the relationships of the characters. Peter and Walter continued to bond and work together, in a beautiful way. Peter continued his observer quest, and I am quite pleased with the result. It proved I was correct in my theory all along, which is awesome. It also proved that Peter and Olivia belong together and it is their love (and others who love him) that kept him from being completely erased.

"A Short Story About Love" was beautifully written, acted and directed from start to finish. Even the ending which was a little cliche, fit well. They deserved a cliche, romantic encounter.



(I should add that Seth Gabel was phenomenal at playing a pinning Lincoln Lee, but I don’t actually get when Lincoln fell so in love with Olivia. He just met her a few months ago, and she barely pays any attention to him. She really has never returned his affection. I feel he saw Alt-Lincoln and Fauxlivia and thought he could have their closeness but they aren’t the same to people. Lincoln deserves someone who loves him, and Olivia can never be that for him. Olivia and Peter have been starcrossed lovers since they were children. Lincoln loves Olivia but he is not in love with her.)

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A Better Human Being

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Olivia remembers.
Walter discovers.
Peter accepts.
& a who has roughly 200 children dies.

"A Better Human Being" was an exhilarating hour of television. It kept a quick pace throughout while telling a number of different subplots.

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Making Angels

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Fringe is one of, if not the best, and the smartest series on television currently. It honestly kills me that this show doesn’t have the viewership it deserves. If the show gets canceled this season, it will be a major loss to television culture. I understand that other shows are cheaper and easier to produce, and have higher ratings, but there is so much trash on television, that I would hate to see one of the few good ones, slip away. I hope Fox sees that Fringe fans are dedicated and continue to give the show a chance. I still think, if they changed the time slot once more ratings may improve if there is less time slot competition.

Anyway, that is my little Save Fringe rant for the week. “Making Angels” was a fantastic episode of the series; one of my favorites. The case was good, there was more clues to the overall plot, the acting was fantastic as always, and finally there was a double douce of Astrid! It is about time Jasika Nicole had some more screen time. She is fabulous and Astrid is an underrated character for sure.

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Fringe’s Stowaway

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Tonight the Fringe team followed the path of a women who appeared unable to die. Dana was murdered along with her family weeks prior, however, she some how survived. Since that point she has been traced to many suicide victims. She is originally believed to be staying alive by stealing others life force, a vampire per say. However as the plot unfolds, the Fringe team learns that their previous assumptions are false and she is not trying to stay alive at all.

I found the particular case storyline mediocre. It was good, however, kind of dull. It lacked the excitement and suspense of many other Fringe cases. I do understand though, that not every case can be “sitting on the edge of the chair” suspenseful, but I was hoping for more, especially for the first episode with this universes alteration of Lincoln Lee!

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Fringe: From Hurley to the Return of William Bell

*Spoilers contained*

I don’t want to write a lengthy blog recapping what happened tonight, to find out, you just have to go watch it yourself.

I really liked tonight’s episode! How could I not? It started with Walter getting high with HURLEY (from Lost), as Jorge Garcia plays a Massive Dynamic security employee, and ends with William Bell taking over Olivia’s body. You never know whats going to happen next.

I enjoyed watching Peter and Olivia grow in their relationship, and I’m glad he came clean to her in the end, even though it was interrupted. I feel like Olivia isn’t going to be too found of everything Peter did secretly and now not being able to deal with it. Also, I say it every week, but one of the best thing about Fringe is the acting and the various dimensions of characters the actors portray. Anna Torv has really had her work cut out for her this season between playing the two versions of Olivia, and now playing William Bell inside Olivia’s body. I can’t wait to see her master another side of the character.

The only downside to all of this, is for the time being we will be loosing the Peter/Olivia storyline because, obviously Peter is not going to date William Bell. (Hopefully, we will have another season to look forward to, with all the Polivia we can handle!) I wonder how it will work though, is Olivia trapped in her body, and aware of what is going on? Or is she stuck somewhere else?

Only time will tell. Overall, I thought the episode was great. I can’t wait til next week. Seriously people, If you are not watching Fringe, you really need to check it out. Its such a smart show! You’re missing out! 4.5/5 for tonight!

With that I leave you with this… who is excited to finally see Lincoln Lee in this universe?

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