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Dear writers of Person of Interest,

After these past few weeks of phenomenal episodes, I expect you to continue this trend in season two. I do not know what you were doing in the first half of season one, but it did not work as well as what you are doing now. Stick with this, because this, is better on every level.  The writing, the plots, the characters, the overall arcs, everything is more better composed then at the start of the season.

This show has seen incredible growth over its freshman year on the air. At first, I didn’t know how long it would last. I had my doubts that after sometime the names involved would wear off and the fans who only came for the names, would begin to fade away. I am glad I stuck through the rocky start, and waited for you to find your way. It was worth it. These last couple months of the season have been highly enjoyable.

Thank you for picking up the pace, and finding your way. My only hope is that season two can start and continue as strong as this season ended. If you can do that, the series will continue to grow and become a truly amazing staple in the television world.


a fan.

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