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Struck By Lightning

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I had the pleasure of working as part of the Screening Crew for the 2012 TriBeCa Film Festival at the School of Visual Arts Theater in Chelsea, New York. My venue hosted three of the four screening’s of Struck By Lightning. Of the three, I worked two of them in which I met a lot of Struckers and Gleeks but I also met a lot of new/potential fans who didn’t know much about the film, which was quite enjoyable as well. The remaining show of the three, I did attend as a guest and was treated to a phenomenal screenwriting debut by Chris Colfer.

Struck By Lightning tells the story of  misfit high schooler Carson Phillips, played by Chris Colfer, who’s only goal in life is to get out of his small town, graduate from Northwestern University, and then go on to have one of the most prestigious and successful journalism careers of all time. Unfortunately for Carson, graduating high school and surviving its trials is ultimately what he needs to focus on before he can begin his future.

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Its late so I’ll make this review short. I was out and just was able to catch up with Revenge.

When I first saw previews for this show, it peaked my interest but I wasn’t sure how it would deliver. Now that I’ve seen the pilot episode, I’m still unsure how the series will do in the long run, keeping the plot fresh and interesting each week. However, for now the show is fascinating and fun. The lead actress Emily VanCamp is excellent. I have never seen any of her major work before, but she is absolutely amazing in the role. She makes her character feel very inviting to viewers, so we can related to her and understand her, but she is also very cold and standoff-ish as well. This makes for a dynamic character portrayal as well as a very dimensional one.

The other characters in the series are also very inviting. It has only been one 42 minute episode and I already feel like we know some of the characters. This is hard to do with many series, so it is a point of success for Revenge.

With an interesting plot and great characters, this show has all the potentials for success. The true test will be if the writers can keep the show suspenseful and interesting in the long run, and how much viewers are willing to wait for answers.


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