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Witty, Dramatic, Beautiful, Heartbreaking

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Witty,dramatic, beautiful and heartbreaking all describe tonight’s Glee episode entitled Funeral. It was a very well done episode and manage to bring various elements and emotions throughout.

My favorite part about this episode: the Kinn/Furt scenes. Finally, these two were in the same scene(s) and acknowledged each other. Its been too long. We got a moment of brief interaction last week but I felt more fulfilled this week. My only major complaint about tonight’s episode is the lack of continuation from last week, mostly in regards to Kurt being crowned Prom Queen. I felt they should have acknowledged that it happened. I feel like Glee has been jumping a head in time a lot recently, and I feel like we are missing a lot of potential storylines. I know they are trying to keep the timing of the story with the course of an actual year, but why? The original cast is amazing there is no need to rush them to graduation. Why not make Nationals in December and tell more stories about the characters troubles and other problems or just everyday life for them. More has to happen then preparing for competition. (Mostly I just don’t want Season 3 to be the end of the original cast. I’m going to miss them so so much.)

Review and thoughts on song choices after the break. (Spoilers)

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