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"2πR" the first episode of Person of Interest in 2013 is Reese-lite with extra-Finch.

While I really did miss seeing Reese, it was great to focus on Finch’s ability to solve the problem of the week and help the latest victim. Plus, for viewers who aren’t keeping a close eye on the television schedule of returning shows, it might be best to keep the Reese centric storylines for another week, just in case viewers still recuperating from the holidays missed this week.

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Hollow Earth

Matt and Em Calder share a deeper connection than most twins. While many twins have a sense of what is happening to the other, Matt and Em can communicate telepathically. However, that is just the beginning of what the Calder twins can do. Together with their ingenious imagination and the powers they inherited as their birthright, Matt and Em are a part of something so much larger than themselves, and they just don’t know it yet.

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