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The 23rd

new girl, zooey deschanel

I don’t know what it is this season, but Fox’s shows are lacking in the good writing. Much like new fellow new comer Terra Nova, New Girl has potential but fails to deliver on it.

Of the 9 episodes that have aird so far, I’ve found maybe 2-3 enjoyable. The rest left me feeling like I wasted an thirty minutes of my time. Tonight’s episode “The 23rd” was no different.

There isn’t much I actually did enjoy out of tonight’s episode. I think the show is moving too quickly. It’s spending too much time focusing on Jess and her “dorkness” and very little time actually developing the characters. For instance, we haven’t seen enough of Jess and Justin Long’s character for me to develop an attachment for their relationship. So their relationship falling apart over the course of the episode, didn’t intrigue me at all. Mostly I was just upset that Justin Long was leaving. I’ve enjoyed seeing him on my television, even on such a so so comedy.

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Bad In Bed

new girl, zooey deschanel

New Girl may be “Bad in Bed,” but this week’s episode proved it may be bad overall. In my opinion the show reached its lowest point yet.

A few weeks ago Jess couldn’t get the word “penis” out of her mouth, and now she is watching porn in order to get ideas for her boyfriend. I would expect sex with Jess to be awkward, but this was awkward in all the wrong ways. Personally, I found “Bad in Bed” to be the most intolerable episode of the series thus far. Even my love for Justin Long couldn’t save this.

Everything about this episode felt distant and uncomfortable. I completely understand where Nick is coming from with the barber shop and the uncomfortable gossips, but He is what thirty something, by this point in his life I would expect he has grasped the awkward obligatory haircut conversation, or would have found a suitable alternative.

It was hard to connect with Schmidt and his work situation. Viewers are just meeting them for the first time, and aren’t really given much information as to the relationships and people involved.

Overall, I just want to forget that this episode ever happened, and move on.


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Tuesday Night Television (November 29)

I finally was able to catch up on Tuesday night’s television. Since its already Thursday I was going to just skip the reviews this week, as I alluded I might, but I really want to say a few things about the shows, mostly Ringer, so below are some very brief reviews.

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Glee: Glee's episode “I Kissed A Girl” follows Santana trying to accept who she is and stop hiding part of herself. While I enjoyed Finn in the episode, the rest of the characters were somewhat disappointing. I mean when Finn Hudson is the voice of reason of the Glee club, you know something is wrong. On the other hand, if this new Finn personality continues, I might enjoy him much more. Its nice that he has a side where he can care about others, and get people to work together. Lets hope its not a one time thing! Other than Finn and everything he did, the only other stand out moment was Kurt and Blaine's rendition of “Perfect,” which was simply put perfect. I'm very disappointed that Kurt loss president, because at least he stood for something. It will be interesting to see what Brittany will do, if anything. I'm very surprised that Rachel who thinks almost everything through, didn't think about the ratio of ballots versus number of students. Finally, I'm glad that Santana's grandmother didn't accept her coming out. Burt is an amazing example of an accepting father, it will be nice to see another point of view where someone Santana truly loves and respects doesn't accept her.  3.5/5

new girl, zooey deschanel

New Girl: Oh, New Girl, how I wish I enjoyed you more. The show continues to disappoint me. I want more from it. All four roommates seem extremely childish, which at times is fine, but week after week of games and things; it gets old. I did enjoy watching Jess and Winston bond, because there really hasn’t been much of that. The last episode I felt all four roommates connected was at the wedding. I am disappointed in Nick’s behavior, of the four roommates, I expect the most from his character. He seems the most levelheaded and normal, but in this week’s episode he lowered himself to the standards of Schmidt. Schmidt continues to be an awful character, in my opinion. There is very little redeeming about him. Overall, an okay episode of the show. Not the best. Not the worst.  3/5

Ringer: This show has been surprising me all season long. While there are some questionable areas to the plot, I’m happy to look over them because the rest of the story, is so fantastic. There is so much drama and suspense surrounded by twists at every turn. Tonight’s episode was full of twists, some which I saw coming and others I didn’t at all. Ringer definitely kept me on the edge of my seat for the full episode. The plot was exhilarating. I’m so glad Bridget is finally realizing there is more to what is going on. Both Bridget and Machado have so many pieces to the puzzle, but they keep failing to but things together. I hope in the second half of the season they stop playing catch up and take control of things. It looks like this could be very possible. I am very glad Machado brought back up with him, I knew the dirty cop had to be that guy but I almost expected Nestor Carbonell’s character to die, which would be heartbreaking for me, since I’m mostly watching the show for him, and then for the story.

Overall, an amazing midseason finale. Congrats CW, Ringer has become a very established show.   4.5/5

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Tuesday Night Television (November 15)

Due to lack of time, rather than writing thoroughly for each show, I’m going to be quickly review/rating them here.

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Glee: The mashup episodes of Glee are always some of the best, and this week’s was no exception. The episode was stunning. Most every character had a brief role and appearance. Friendships were mended, character development was explored, the songs were exceptional. Santana’s character has evolved so much since the Pilot episode of the series. I am so proud of the character and the writing behind it. Naya River is also beyond amazing. Her part in Rumor Has It/Someone Like You was perfect. Amazing episode. 4.5/5

new girl, zooey deschanel

New Girl: I decided not to review last week’s episode of New Girl in hopes that taking a week off from looking at it critically might make the show seem better in my eyes. However, whether it be the episode, or the series in general, my opinion did not improve. I love Justin Long and not even his guest appearance on this week’s Thanksgiving themed episode could turn it around for me. The episode felt scattered and too crazy and over the top than necessary. 2/5

Ringer: What an episode. Tonight’s Ringer was full of suspense, drama and intrigue. We got questions and answers. One of the best episodes so far; a must see for all fans of the series. 4/5

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After a couple of episodes, New Girl started to find its way with “Wedding.” The episode brought a good chemistry and balance between the four main characters; however, what was gained weeks ago, was lost during the short hiatus.

"Naked" was unbelievable and ridiculous. The characters seem to lack any connections, and when they were "bonding" it seemed more of a joke than anything serious. Jess also felt overly animated in the episode making her character seem more of a stretch and a nuisance than quirky and adorable.

"Naked" might be the worst episode of New Girl so far, which is not the best way to start back after a hiatus.


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The third episode of New Girl didn’t start much better than its two predecessor, but by the end it started to find its way. The chemistry between the three guys and Jess that was lost between the Pilot and the second episode started to find its way back. While I still believe Fox should have re-shot the Pilot for the series without the character Coach and adding Lamorne Morris as Winston, things start falling into place with “Wedding.”

This week, as the title of the episode suggests, the characters attend a wedding. Nick takes Jess as his date to keep him away from his ex, Caroline. Things go well at first but when Caroline is jealous of Jess, Nick starts to think he and Caroline can reconnect. From that point it was all downhill for Nick and Jess.

When things were at their worst, Winston and Jess have a bonding moment. It’s the first time since his character was introduced that I felt he was part of the story. Even during the first half of the episode, it felt like he was in the way and not connected to the other characters. I hope from this point on his relationship with the other characters will grow and the chemistry between the four will be stronger.

Despite improving some with “Wedding,” New Girl has a long way to go. Aside from better chemistry, the depth of the characters needs to grow. Jess is quirky and fun, but there has to be more to her than that. Similarly, none of the guys have any depth or real personality. I don’t feel connected to the characters at all. As I said last week, Coach was the best, most interesting and most favorable character in the Pilot, and despite his absence these past two weeks, I still feel this is true. If the show is going to move forward and make it as a series, the characters need to show more depth and growth; they need to make viewers fall in love with them so that viewers keep tuning in each week.

With the way the show is heading right now, things could get old and redundant very quickly. The characters have shown little growth over the past three episodes, and the plot isn’t much better. All three episodes have basically ended the same, with the three guys giving into one of Jess’s quirks and joining her in an activity. First it was singing “Time of My Life.” Last week, it was standing up to her ex and wearing one of her ridiculous hats, and finally this week they joined her in the chicken dance during a slow song at the wedding. This was cute at first, but if that’s all thats going to happen every week, there is no reason to keep watching.

Although, I found “Wedding” to be a slight improvement, New Girl still can’t compete with other network comedy series on air now.


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After last week’s episode letting me down due to Fox airing the best content in commercials all summer, I was really hoping this episode would pull the show back up for me. However, it didn’t. What I liked most about the Pilot episode was the chemistry between Jess and the three guys. That chemistry has changed without Coach. In my opinion he was the most likeable and enjoyable character on the show and I was very disappointed to find not only is he not in the second episode, but he won’t appear he in any future episodes.

The dynamic has shifted and although there has only been two episodes, the characters connection seems greatly lessened. Lamorne Morris as introduced as, Winston Bishop, an old roommate who is now moving back. While he was mostly in the background of this episode, I feel viewers weren’t properly introduced to him, and he mostly just was in the way. 

"Kryptonite" seemed like a juggling act. On one side there is the connections and relationships created in the pilot episode. Then you have quirky Jess and her issue of the day. And finally you have this new character who just appears with no transitional time, forcing viewers to either accept him or dislike him. It felt like too much for a 22 minute episode. I understand why Damon Wayans Jr isn’t on the show anymore but then Fox needed to re-shoot the Pilot episode, or wait an episode or two before introducing another new roommate.

Unfortunately, I was left unimpressed again by New Girl. Hopefully next week’s episode will be better and the characters will find the chemistry they lost between the first and second episode.


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New Girl

new girl, zooey deschanel

New Girl has been one of the most overly advertised shows of the new television season. When I first started seeing previews for the series, I thought, ‘aww that looks cute, maybe I’ll check it out.’ Then the next thing I knew, I couldn’t go a day with out seeing multiple advertisements for this show. Personally, I found the advertisements unnecessary and a waste of Fox’s advertising dollars. They overly saturated the media with promotions for this show. I’m pretty sure anyone not living under a rock will have heard of this show… at least a hundred times. 99 more times than necessary!

That being so, was New Girl worth the hype? I’m undecided. It’s everything the commercials promised it would be: fun, quirky, sweet, entertaining. However, it was just that. There were so many commercials and promo clips for this show, I feel like nothing in the episode was new. Its hard to review something that I feel like I already saw a 1,000 or more times over the past few months. The material felt dry and unamusing.

While the pilot failed to interest me, I have a feeling the next few episodes may be more telling for the series’ success and future; unless of course Fox starts airing thousands of commercials between now and next week and gives the entire episode away… again.

I will hold off on giving the show a rating until next week. I feel it is unfair to the show, because its neither the series’ or the actors’ faults that the episode felt stale.

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Fall Television, here we come!

With so many returning and new shows, Fall 2011 has many options for television viewers. Here is a list of the shows I’ll be watching. Let me know what you think or if I’m missing anything major!

8pm- How I Met Your Mother (CBS) [returning 9/19]
8pm- Terra Nova (Fox) [starting 9/26- 2 hour premiere]
9pm- The Lying Game (ABC Family) [continuing]
9pm- House (Fox) [returning 10/3]
10pm- Hawaii Five-0 (CBS) [returning 9/19]

8pm- Glee (Fox) [returning 9/20]
9pm- New Girl (Fox) [starting 9/20]
9pm- The Ringer (CW) [started 9/14]

8pm- X Factor (Fox) [starting 9/21]
10pm- Revenge (ABC) [starting 9/21]
10pm- American Horror Story (FX) [starting 10/5]

8pm- Big Bang Theory (CBS) [returning 9/22]
8:30pm- How to be a Gentleman (CBS) [starting 9/29]
9pm- Grey’s Anatomy (ABC) [returning 9/22]
9pm- Person of Interest (CBS) [starting 9/22]

9pm- Fringe (Fox) [returning 9/23]

Obviously there are many overlaps in my schedule so I won’t be able to watch them all live. Most likely shows that I don’t watch live, I won’t be reviewing unless it is requested and/or I can catch up on it in a timely fashion. That being said these are the shows I’m planning on reviewing (time permitting). For any of the new shows, I’ll watch for 3 episodes and if I really don’t like the show, I’ll stop watching/reviewing.

*=I find a job or time doesn’t permit starred shows are my priority for reviewing.

8pm- Terra Nova
9pm- The Lying Game
10pm- Hawaii Five-0 *

8pm- Glee *
9pm- New Girl (most likely)
[I am planning on checking out The Ringer as well because I love Nestor Carbonell, so which ever show I like better is what I’ll review, but for now I’ll say New Girl. It looks like the better show.]

8pm- X Factor (50/50 chance)
10pm- American Horror Story

8:30pm- How to be a Gentleman (Possibly depending on my interest in the pilot.)
9pm- Person of Interest*

9pm- Fringe (Fox)*

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