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New Girl

new girl, zooey deschanel

New Girl has been one of the most overly advertised shows of the new television season. When I first started seeing previews for the series, I thought, ‘aww that looks cute, maybe I’ll check it out.’ Then the next thing I knew, I couldn’t go a day with out seeing multiple advertisements for this show. Personally, I found the advertisements unnecessary and a waste of Fox’s advertising dollars. They overly saturated the media with promotions for this show. I’m pretty sure anyone not living under a rock will have heard of this show… at least a hundred times. 99 more times than necessary!

That being so, was New Girl worth the hype? I’m undecided. It’s everything the commercials promised it would be: fun, quirky, sweet, entertaining. However, it was just that. There were so many commercials and promo clips for this show, I feel like nothing in the episode was new. Its hard to review something that I feel like I already saw a 1,000 or more times over the past few months. The material felt dry and unamusing.

While the pilot failed to interest me, I have a feeling the next few episodes may be more telling for the series’ success and future; unless of course Fox starts airing thousands of commercials between now and next week and gives the entire episode away… again.

I will hold off on giving the show a rating until next week. I feel it is unfair to the show, because its neither the series’ or the actors’ faults that the episode felt stale.

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