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Johnny McKee


Last night Fox aired the seventh episode of the freshman drama Alcatraz. In the episode, inmate Johnny McKee returned and immediately began killing people, as he took revenge for what was done to him a long time ago. For someone who doesn’t like bullies, Johnny McKee is a bully himself; he may not torture people for an extended period of time, but I feel killing them, is just as bad, if not worst.

Despite the fact that I am enjoying this series, I’m going to stop reviewing the series, at least for now.

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Guy Hastings


Guy Hastings is the newest returnee from ‘63. Unlike those who have come before him, Hastings is the first guard viewers and the detective team come across. Being that Hastings is a guard, the story was somewhat different, but not enough to make a difference. The basic premise was the same as all past episodes: someone comes back, Soto identifies them, Madsen, Hauser and Soto track them down and capture them. This in a nutshell is exactly what happened in the newest episode of Alcatraz.

I will refrain from comparing Alcatraz to Fringe, because I feel my point has been made in past posts, and any more comparisons would be redundant. Instead, I would like to suggest that the writers of Alcatraz make Detective Madsen more interesting, useful and appealing. Up until now, she has been more of a “pretty face” than anything. Her detective skills have their highs and lows. Last night’s episode was definitely a low. I was astonished when Madsen and Hauser entered Ray’s apartment, and Madsen suggests that Ray and Hastings were there previously not because the entire room was destroyed and over turned, but because Uncle Ray’s watch sat in a chair. It just seemed crazy.

Aside from that wonderful observation, she learned that her “uncle” Ray is in fact her actual Uncle and not a surrogate as she thought. Ray and Tommy were brothers, but Ray had to change his name in order to be a guard at Alcatraz and keep Tommy company. Did they not do thorough background checks on the guards? I would have assumed that they would scrutinize any potential employees to be assured no such connections could be made.

I assume this information was supposed to be shocking or a twist, however, it really doesn’t change anything in regards to the characters, so it really held no significant importance to the show as a whole. It is through this fact, and the fact that Ray doesn’t seem shocked that Hastings is still young that Rebecca confronts Hauser insisting that she is more important to him than he is to her. While she turned out to be right, her deductive reasoning was incorrect. She assumed Ray knew things, but if Hauser talked to Ray 16 years ago, that would have been before people came back. Viewers see that Ray had contact with Tommy since his return so it is through Tommy not Hauser that Ray wasn’t thrown by Hastings. Again, I’m assuming the Madsen importance in relation to things is supposed to be a new, significant discover, but I’ve assumed that from the start. That’s how all shows go. (I know I wouldn’t compare the show to Fringe again, but this is a new comparison.) For instance, Olivia was always going to have a deeper connection to things than she knew. She wasn’t arbitrarily drawn to Fringe division. Madsen was led to Hausers team. Therefore I found this new information unhelpful.

Rather than continuing to waste time on trivial matters, I hope Alcatraz picks up the pace and starts to answer some real questions. They keep asking new questions each week, but have yet to answer any fully. I’m beginning to feel like there are too many questions and not enough answers. I hope the series doesn’t become like Lost where in the end there were too many questions to answer, so many were left unattended.

While “Guy Hastings” offered a slightly different approach to the series, it wasn’t any better than past episodes.


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Cal Sweeney


Simply put, “Call Sweeney” follows the exact same pattern as the previous episodes of Fox’s new drama Alcatraz. An inmate comes back, sticks to their past MO, Doc ids the inmate, the team intervenes and the inmate is captured or killed. Throughout the course of this format, Detective Madsen, acts like a cool, smart complicated agent, who pails in comparison to Olivia Dunham of Fringe which I find myself comparing the show to constantly. Everything from the genre, the characters, the layout, the cinematography, everything, reminds me of Fringe. I watch the opening sequences of the show as we are introduced to the inmate of the week, and keep expecting some supernatural or unexplained thing to happen and it doesn’t.

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Kit Nelson


"Kit Nelson" marks the third episode of Fox’s new series Alcatraz (only the second week), but I have to admit, I’m already starting to get bored. The series is quickly becoming a standard procedural that introduces a threat at the start of the episode, and nicely wraps it up at the end, while using the middle time for investigation and following leads. While the series also has the over arching mysteries of Alcatraz and its disappearing and reappearing inmates, the format currently in use, is going to get old very quickly.

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Alcatraz Premiere


Alcatraz debuted last night on FOX with a two hour, double episode premiere. The pilot episode introduced the premise of the series as well as the first inmate Jack Sylvane. The second episode entitled “Ernest Cobb” introduced another returned inmate.

The series takes advantage of the mysteries and legends surrounding Alcatraz prison. However, the series strays vastly from actual events, and creates a sci-fi epic around what could have happened at the prison. Due to financial issues, and deterioration of Alcatraz prison, it was closed on March 21, 1963. This is the case in the series as well, at least as far as the general public is concerned. In actuality, according to the series, this was a cover up to hide the fact that the entire prison’s population, inmates and guards alike, disappeared without explanation. Now in the present day, one by one they are returning, but appear as if they haven’t aged a day.

Alcatraz has been compared to other JJ Abrams produced shows including Lost and Fringe. It is easy to make such comparisons. In regards to Lost, Alcatraz surrounds the mysterious of an Island, where time traveling or something of that nature may be a factor and stars Jorge Garcia. In comparison to Fringe, the show is lead by a young strong blond female cop who stumbles upon the supernatural events and is inducted into the secret task force. Unlike Anna Torv’s Olivia Dunham, Rebecca Madsen is younger and more inexperienced. Although she is very smart and driven, Rebecca just doesn’t compare to Olivia in the strong female lead agent category.

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Fringe: From Hurley to the Return of William Bell

*Spoilers contained*

I don’t want to write a lengthy blog recapping what happened tonight, to find out, you just have to go watch it yourself.

I really liked tonight’s episode! How could I not? It started with Walter getting high with HURLEY (from Lost), as Jorge Garcia plays a Massive Dynamic security employee, and ends with William Bell taking over Olivia’s body. You never know whats going to happen next.

I enjoyed watching Peter and Olivia grow in their relationship, and I’m glad he came clean to her in the end, even though it was interrupted. I feel like Olivia isn’t going to be too found of everything Peter did secretly and now not being able to deal with it. Also, I say it every week, but one of the best thing about Fringe is the acting and the various dimensions of characters the actors portray. Anna Torv has really had her work cut out for her this season between playing the two versions of Olivia, and now playing William Bell inside Olivia’s body. I can’t wait to see her master another side of the character.

The only downside to all of this, is for the time being we will be loosing the Peter/Olivia storyline because, obviously Peter is not going to date William Bell. (Hopefully, we will have another season to look forward to, with all the Polivia we can handle!) I wonder how it will work though, is Olivia trapped in her body, and aware of what is going on? Or is she stuck somewhere else?

Only time will tell. Overall, I thought the episode was great. I can’t wait til next week. Seriously people, If you are not watching Fringe, you really need to check it out. Its such a smart show! You’re missing out! 4.5/5 for tonight!

With that I leave you with this… who is excited to finally see Lincoln Lee in this universe?

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