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Saturday Night Gleever

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I skipped reviewing Glee last week for two reasons. Firstly, I was not able to watch “Big Brother” on Tuesday, and by the time I was able to watch it, it seemed irrelevant to review. And secondly because my bias against the character of Blaine, would have made for a more negative review than the episode deserved. On a whole level, it was a great episode and guest star Matt Bomer was amazing, but as I have stated previously, I think there has been too much Blaine this season. I do not approve that Blaine gets a brother episode before Finn/Kurt. They are two of the leads (well they were prior to Blaine) yet we’ve never actually seen them have brother time, which is disappointing.

I was hoping that “Saturday Night Gleever” may bring a break to the Blaine centric songs, but to my dismay the first person we see and the first solo of the night went to Blaine. Really, Glee? Really? Since when is he the only person on the show? Honestly has Kurt (the only reason Blaine is in New Directions) had a solo since pre- West Side Story? I don’t think so. Seeing as Kurt (not Blaine) is the one graduating, it may be nice to give some of the actual Seniors songs.

It’s funny I don’t actually hate Blaine or Darren Criss, I just feel they have over saturated Glee and I want other characters to sing. There is just too much Blaine, and he’s not all that interesting, to be honest.

Aside from Blaine opening the episode, he actually did fade away, which I was grateful for. The rest of the episode (for me) was overshadowed by the return of Jonathan Groff’s Jesse St James. Although, Groff was only in the episode for probably one minute, he captivated the screen. I really hope he is utilized more in future episodes, because he is far too talented to just have a couple scenes culminating a few seconds each. I hope that they give him more material or a song in the future. He is an amazing guest star and deserves more. However, I loved the scene between him, Kurt and Mercedes. It was perfect. The dynamics and tension were phenomenal.

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The Submission

When I first heard that Jonathan Groff was going to be in a new play, I had to go see it. I didn’t know what the play was about or really anything about it. Then I found out Rutina Wesley was in it as well, and I thought it couldn’t get better.

As the play approached, I learned more about it, and read the plot summery, but The Submission was so much more than I could have ever expected. I have seen several plays/musicals throughout my life, (not as many as I would have liked though), and The Submission is easily one of the best, most well written pieces of work I’ve seen.

The acting was fantastic. All four actors completely embodied their characters. At first, I spent more time watching/focusing on Jonathan, but as the play continued, I started to forget about “Jonathan Groff” and my love for him, and focus on the characters and the story in front of me.

The characters are very dynamic and easily pull you further into the story. I was most impressed with Eddie Kaye Thomas. I’m not familiar with a lot of his work, mostly his comedic film roles. With these as references, I wasn’t sure how he would pull off a more serious role. I had nothing to worry about; he was utterly fantastic. There were several times I glanced over to him while he was more of a background figure, points where most of the audience wouldn’t even notice him, and he was always in character. His facial expressions during those periods of times, captured the whole story. Without words or the other character’s performance, audience members could gauge the mood and feel of what was happening in the scene based on his background moments. If that is not a sign of a great actor, I don’t know what is.

While the acting was great, the cast was given amazing material to work from. The writing and plot of the play is phenomenal. The story is so relevant for us now, for everyone living in America. Its very honest and thought provoking and leaves you questioning your beliefs and how you treat others. While the themes and content of the play are serious and heavy there are many moments of comedic relief to lighten the mood of the audience.

Overall, The Submission is an incredible play. I don’t think there could be any changes to make it better in any way. Its perfect. I highly reccommend seeing this show if you are able to.

More information can be found here: MCC Theatre

Rating: A

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For Good

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While the episode may have surrounded Nationals, to me the most beautiful, honest and best moment of the episode and the series surrounded the anticipated duet by Lea Michele and Chris Colfer, “For Good.” To say that these two young artists are talented would be the understatement of the century. I can’t even stand how perfect they are separately. Forget about when they’re together. Sometimes I wish Kurt wasn’t gay because Kurt and Rachel are so perfect, but I enjoy them together as good friends. I wish after Glee, and Kurt and Rachel are graduated and a new cast enters the picture, Fox would either do a spin-off or a TV movie surrounding Kurt and Rachel moving to New York City together. Just picturing it in my head is the most amazing thing. Can you imagine all the things they would do? I really think it could be amazing. (If you like the idea of a Kurt & Rachel spinoff please sign my petition, thanks)

After the break for my thoughts on the rest of the episode… as if there was anything that could even touch “For Good.”

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Colfer/Groff: St Berry deserves a better ending than that. So dissappointed.

I posted this on my other blog, and am reblogging here because this is partially my opinion of tonight’s glee episode. I will post a few review at some point tonight, but for now I’m raging over this. I figure I’m going to try not rage about this in my actual review so I’m reblogging here just incase you don’t follow my other blog, so you know that this part of my opinion of Glee.


Why does everyone think Finn is so much better than Jesse?

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Rachel has never been happier than at Prom with Jesse.
In that episode Rachel asked Finn to respect her and Jesse, so what does he do, start a fight with Jesse at prom because Rachel was happy with someone else. And tonight when…

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Witty, Dramatic, Beautiful, Heartbreaking

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Witty,dramatic, beautiful and heartbreaking all describe tonight’s Glee episode entitled Funeral. It was a very well done episode and manage to bring various elements and emotions throughout.

My favorite part about this episode: the Kinn/Furt scenes. Finally, these two were in the same scene(s) and acknowledged each other. Its been too long. We got a moment of brief interaction last week but I felt more fulfilled this week. My only major complaint about tonight’s episode is the lack of continuation from last week, mostly in regards to Kurt being crowned Prom Queen. I felt they should have acknowledged that it happened. I feel like Glee has been jumping a head in time a lot recently, and I feel like we are missing a lot of potential storylines. I know they are trying to keep the timing of the story with the course of an actual year, but why? The original cast is amazing there is no need to rush them to graduation. Why not make Nationals in December and tell more stories about the characters troubles and other problems or just everyday life for them. More has to happen then preparing for competition. (Mostly I just don’t want Season 3 to be the end of the original cast. I’m going to miss them so so much.)

Review and thoughts on song choices after the break. (Spoilers)

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