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An Origin Story

Episode five, and the countdown continues. The final episode of Fringe is set to air January 18, 2013 in a two part finale. (My heart is already breaking).

I don’t want the show to end, and further more, I’m worried it won’t end how I envision it. But isn’t that the risk we take as viewers. We have to trust the writers, we’ve never met, to bring closure to us. While they can’t appease everyone, I do hope that they do justice to the series.

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The Recordist

"The Recordist" marks the third episode of the final season of Fringe. While it was a good episode, I can’t say I loved it for one simple reason. The Fringe countdown clock is running. Each week the countdown ticks less and less. I love this show, and think it is great that even in the final season they continue to expand thinga. However, I can’t appreciate those things in the same way now. If we had more time, I would be all for meeting new characters and new stories, but with such a finite amount of time left, I just want Walter, Peter and Olivia (Astrid too, I suppose). I just want the characters I’ve come to love in the past four seasons to have as much screen time as possible.

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Transilience Thought Unifier Model-11

After tonight’s season five premiere episode, only 12 remain before the show draws to a close. I am very grateful to Fox for giving us these additional 13 episodes, but I’d be lying if I didn’t say I had hoped for more. Fringe was the one post-Lost show that really felt right. It by no means replaced Lost, but it became a staple in my television viewing schedule. I’m not sure what I’m going to do without it. It feels weird just thinking about it.

I have all the faith in the world that the writers can wrap it up in a manner worthy of the series, but I worry that they will not be able to answer all the questions they have put forward. Now that we are in 2036, I’m curious how many of the past-present (2012) storylines will fall through, or if they stop cold. I would very much be interested in what happened between 2012 and 2015 and then 2015 to future-present, 2036.

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Brave New World (Part 2)

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I’m torn on if writing a review for this episode would be best or I should just keep it simple. I’m currently opting for keeping it simple but with some criticism? I’m trying for some middle ground. I really don’t want to critique what could have been our last episode of Fringe ever. I feel like I should just be grateful to Fox for giving us another thirteen episodes, and not complain about anything. At the same time, it is not our last episode, and I have a few thoughts.

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Brave New World (Part 1)

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In this game of skill one must have above all else, Patience. The board changes, but very slowly. The art of chess, the art is knowing when a piece is most valuable and then, in that very moment, being willing to sacrifice it. For in the vacuum created by the loss of what is most precious, opportunity abounds, influences maximize, and desire becomes destiny. For example, on this board, the most valuable piece is the bishop. Therefore, for the game to be won…

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A week in review (April 23-27,2012)

As I predicted earlier in the week due to my crazy schedule working the Tribeca Film Festival this year, I didn’t have time to review the shows as they aired. However rather than ignore them, I felt it would be worthwhile to post short, condensed reviews on all the shows at once. Starting with the most recent and working backward.

I must start by congratulating both Fringe and its fans for the great news that came yesterday/Thursday. I could not be more thrilled than to have this amazing series return for a fifth and final season. My only complaint was that it is only a half season, but that was to be expected. I’ll take it. The more Fringe the better. Thank you Fox.

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"Worlds Apart"

I honestly do not know what I am going to do when Fringe comes to a close next season. I said that about Lost too but, when Lost ended it wasn’t as bad because I had Fringe.Without Fringe television will be lacking in truly original, cutting edge series. Words cannot full express my adoration to this show. I can only say its brilliance is astounding as is its ability to devastate.

Although tonight’s episode did not directly correlate with last week’s amazing flash forward/future episode, it did set the show up for its fourth season finale, which will air in two parts over the next two weeks. Despite only being a lead in episode, I personally found the storyline captivating, and quite emotional. It easily could have been part of the finale (assuming the storyline continues over the next two weeks).

Seeing all the doubles, and FINALLY getting a double douse of John Noble was long overdue. Watching the two worlds work together to fight David Robert Jones, and make sacrifices for the greater good was beautiful and upsetting. I love each and every version of each character we have met over the past four years. That alone is a testament to this great show. What other series can hold viewers and make them fall equally in love with multiple versions of the same character? Even Lost had trouble with this with its flash sideways. I think Fringe far exceeds Lost in this department. The writing and acting surrounding the characters is easily one of the most fantastic things about the series.

My only complaint with the episode and the general storyline recently is the Lincoln/Fauxlivia storyline is moving too quickly and is kind of out of the blue. I’m not over the other Lincoln dying yet. I still stand by my original opinion that the wrong Lincoln died. Lincoln and Olivia from the other universe loved each other, especially him her so it kind of kills me to see our Lincoln with her (even though I do want him to be happy, I just loved Lincoln from over there with Fauxlivia when she had Henry…)

I can’t wait until the season four finale to see how the story plays out. Though, I am not looking forward to the season ending as that means hiatus followed by a final 13 episodes with no hope for another extension. While I am grateful for those additional thirteen episodes, I will never stop wanting more from this series.



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"Matsya Nyaya"

Overall, I did enjoy the latest episode of Person of Interest, although, I found much of the case of the week predictable (even though the format was slightly different). The best of the episode, was finally seeing what really happened with Reese and his partner and what happened to them back when they were with the CIA. While this leads to more questions, we did get some answers and some new leads. I can’t wait to see where that storyline takes us. It will be interesting to see what goes down between Reese, his ex-partner, the CIA and the FBI… where the truth actually lies, no one knows. I do imagine Finch may be able to help uncover the truth. Reese and Finch, forever!
My only major complaint about the episode (there are several smaller ones) but I honestly don’t feel Tommy would have been careless enough to leave Reese alive. He shot the other guy twice, why only shoot Reese once? I know he is the hero, but it just felt a little too easy for Reese (not that I enjoy him being injured).


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"Sorry to interrupt your regularly scheduled plotting…." -Nolan

How is this show so good? Why is this show so addicting? How do they keep the suspense up week after week? Why does Daniel never die? (Seriously every time you think he’s dead he’s just chilling somewhere waiting to be found.)

While Emanda’s revenge plan is on temporary pause, in that she isn’t taking out a person a week anymore, she still has her sights set on the Hampton’s King and Queen. In a shocking reveal at the end of the episode, viewers learn (as Emanda does herself) that Conrad can have someone murdered in prison without raising any alarms. I always questioned the death of David Clarke. I knew it was never as simple as dying in jail. While I did not suspect Conrad of having him murdered, I had always wondered what would happened if he didn’t actually die in the fight and it was all a cover up. Scandalous!

Revenge continues to deliver an engaging, captivating, exciting story each week. The show is a guilty pleasure for sure.


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Dance with Somebody”


As of now, I plan to finish this season out, reviewing it, however I highly doubt this show will find its way on my fall television review schedule. I don’t know if it is the show, its writing, or my taste changing, but looking at Glee critically is impossible to do and have a positive outcome.

While I do enjoy the cast’s covers and think they are for the most part talented, the storylines and lack of continuity are killing me. I can’t take it. It’s too cheesy and verges on parodying itself.

While I welcome any break from Kurt/Blaine, why does there have to be another new boy? What happened to Karofsky? Didn’t Kurt promise to be his friend? I’ve never seen them hang out once? How is Karofsky doing? Is he still alive? Will he ever be back? Also Blaine was definitely overreacting with everything. Yes he transferred schools but no one asked him too. He could just go back to Dalton for his senior year and be happy. No one was forcing him to stay and be alone. It’s not like he has suffered at McKinley. Blaine came in and became an instant success. He solos at least once a week and everyone loves him. Kurt never had that, if anything Blaine stole the little spotlight Kurt had, so Kurt should be the one upset. The whole Blaine/Kurt storyline has gotten out of hand, but I know my opinion is in the minority on this so nothing will change. Blaine can do no wrong. I gotta learn to accept that.

Why is Quinn the newest disappearing Glee club member?Why can’t they explain why people aren’t there? Whats going on with Quinn and her family? How has this changed things?

Also, I must comment on the theme. While the songs were beautiful, and I think a Whitney theme fit the show, the way they wrote it was a little ridiculous. I don’t remember any of the Glee clubbers loving Whitney that much (to the extent they were shown in that episode). Yes they always spoke highly of her, but I don’t remember any hero worship. They had never shown depression over her death recently either. I also am not so sure comparing her to this generations Princess Dianna was also a good comparison, but maybe that’s just me?

Overall, it was a mediocre episode in my opinion filled with ridiculous stories and plot holes/continuity issues.


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Letters of Transit (extended edition)

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As promised on Friday, I am reblogging about the latest installment of Fox’s Sci-fi drama Fringe. Original post here but I imagine things that I spoke out then will also be more thoroughly discussed in this post.

"Letters of Transit" offered viewers a look at what happens when the Observers stop observing and start taking action. In 2036, the observers are in control and have split humanity into natives and loyalists. The original Fringe team has been missing for decades and the Fringe Division that survived remained so as a police department of sorts to keep the "natives" in check while being under the control of the Observers.

The episode offered what I believe to be one of the best of the series thus far. The episode deepened the show’s mythology and offered a new storytelling device. While I thoroughly enjoyed the episode, I don’t understand the relevance of it at this point int he season. Similarly it didn’t feel finished or complete. I’m not sure if it was meant to be 90 minutes or a two hour episode, but it needs more. I would love to see this episode act as a platform for a series of episodes, or even an entire season.

I need to start by addressing the fact that I LOVE that this show changes the opening for each new timeline, version/our understanding of the world(s) in question. Season one’s opening will always be my favorite, but I really enjoyed the 2036 future. Watch it here. It perfectly represented the future and feel of the episode. The show is more creative and pays more attention to detail than any other show on television at the moment. Fringe is quality television. I don’t understand why it doesn’t have a larger fan base.

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Everything In Its Right Place

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(Possibly) only five more episodes of Fox’s Fringe left ever. This is a fact that makes me very nervous and sad. I have complete faith the writers can bring the series to a reasonable close within those dates, but there’s so much potential still left in the two worlds. I do not want it to end. I don’t want these people to leave my life. The past four years have been incredible, and if this is it, I will truly miss them. I hope Fox lets us know soon. I rather know sooner than later, as I’m sure the cast and crew would as well. We all deserve an answer. #SaveFringe Fox, Save it!

Now onto the weekly review, featuring a double dose of our favorite Agent Lincoln Lee.

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