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For Good

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While the episode may have surrounded Nationals, to me the most beautiful, honest and best moment of the episode and the series surrounded the anticipated duet by Lea Michele and Chris Colfer, “For Good.” To say that these two young artists are talented would be the understatement of the century. I can’t even stand how perfect they are separately. Forget about when they’re together. Sometimes I wish Kurt wasn’t gay because Kurt and Rachel are so perfect, but I enjoy them together as good friends. I wish after Glee, and Kurt and Rachel are graduated and a new cast enters the picture, Fox would either do a spin-off or a TV movie surrounding Kurt and Rachel moving to New York City together. Just picturing it in my head is the most amazing thing. Can you imagine all the things they would do? I really think it could be amazing. (If you like the idea of a Kurt & Rachel spinoff please sign my petition, thanks)

After the break for my thoughts on the rest of the episode… as if there was anything that could even touch “For Good.”

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Colfer/Groff: St Berry deserves a better ending than that. So dissappointed.

I posted this on my other blog, and am reblogging here because this is partially my opinion of tonight’s glee episode. I will post a few review at some point tonight, but for now I’m raging over this. I figure I’m going to try not rage about this in my actual review so I’m reblogging here just incase you don’t follow my other blog, so you know that this part of my opinion of Glee.


Why does everyone think Finn is so much better than Jesse?

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Rachel has never been happier than at Prom with Jesse.
In that episode Rachel asked Finn to respect her and Jesse, so what does he do, start a fight with Jesse at prom because Rachel was happy with someone else. And tonight when…

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Witty, Dramatic, Beautiful, Heartbreaking

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Witty,dramatic, beautiful and heartbreaking all describe tonight’s Glee episode entitled Funeral. It was a very well done episode and manage to bring various elements and emotions throughout.

My favorite part about this episode: the Kinn/Furt scenes. Finally, these two were in the same scene(s) and acknowledged each other. Its been too long. We got a moment of brief interaction last week but I felt more fulfilled this week. My only major complaint about tonight’s episode is the lack of continuation from last week, mostly in regards to Kurt being crowned Prom Queen. I felt they should have acknowledged that it happened. I feel like Glee has been jumping a head in time a lot recently, and I feel like we are missing a lot of potential storylines. I know they are trying to keep the timing of the story with the course of an actual year, but why? The original cast is amazing there is no need to rush them to graduation. Why not make Nationals in December and tell more stories about the characters troubles and other problems or just everyday life for them. More has to happen then preparing for competition. (Mostly I just don’t want Season 3 to be the end of the original cast. I’m going to miss them so so much.)

Review and thoughts on song choices after the break. (Spoilers)

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Glee goes to Prom

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Tonight’s episode Prom Queen, was easily one of my favorite episodes of the series thus far. While many episodes of Glee focus on one story more than others, I feel this episode gave [almost] equal amount of time to all the characters. I feel like I got to see a little bit of a lot of storylines, which was really nice.

I’m not going to sit and recap what happened in the episode for two reasons: 1) Its finals week so I have no time and a lot happened in the episode and 2) I really think this was one of the best episodes of the show and would rather  have people take the 40 mins out to watch it than read a recap of it! If you missed it, check tomorrow. I believe shows go online the next day!

Review after the break due to spoilers; along with my thoughts on the song choices and versions!

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It’s official: Jesse St. James is coming back

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Now that Jonathan Groff’s previous commitments are out of the way, he will be heading back to Glee for the final 3 episodes of the season, according to Entertainment Weekly.

Although, he left on bad terms with Rachel, I look forward to his reappearance. According to EW, Jesse will be returning to ask for Rachel’s forgiveness. With only three episodes in the season, I don’t see them getting back together, but I do hope his apology is sincere and they can work it out, in song of course.

The dynamic relationship and chemistry between Jonathan Groff and Lea Michele are undeniable. As much as I love Finnchel, St. Berry has a much higher compatibility and stronger chemistry.

With Finn being a Senior, and therefore graduating in S3, maybe things can work out for St. Berry in Season 3/4 and JGroff can join the cast? That, however, is wishful thinking. But can you imagine New Directions with Rachel, Kurt, Blaine, Mercedes and Jesse. They would be unstoppable… and very diva drama prone.

Regardless, of what happens between Rachel and Jesse, I’m sure it will be beautiful.

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