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Holy Musical B@man

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For my readers unfamiliar with Starkid Productions, or Team Starkid, let me offer you a quick bio. Team Starkid, or simply Starkid is a musical theatre production company started in Michigan by a group of students at the University of Michigan in 2009. Founding members include Darren Criss (now of Glee fame), Brian Holden, Matt Lang and Nick Lang. The group rose to popularity with their Youtube production of Harry Potter parody, A Very Potter Musical, which was followed by the equally successful A Very Potter Sequel. The company has also created, developed and produced two other musicals Me and My Dick and Starship. Holy Musical B@man marks the group’s fifth production and first in 2012.

The members of the group that are present in each production vary. Holy Musical B@man brings back some old favorites, while also introducing new actors, who are also very talented. Like the Potter musicals which parody the successful book and film series, Holy Musical B@man parodies DC’s Batman with a comedic musical twist. The production was original performed between March 22-25, 2012 at the Hoover Leppen Theatre in Chicago, Illinois (the current home of the company). The music and lyrics are by Nick Gage and Scott Lamps. Book by Matt Lang and Nick Lang.

I became a Starkid fan last fall, when my friend introduced me to their musicals. I instantly fell in love with their charm, charisma but most of all their talent. It is extremely hard to choose a “favorite” for they are all amazing actors, singers and dancers.

Holy Musical B@man continues to raise the bar of Starkid productions. The book for the musical may be my favorite story book of the five musicals. I would have to go back and really watch some of the others; it would be close, but I think Holy Musical B@man's book will be hard to beat. The dialogue and string of jokes was a success from start to finish. I had no idea there were so many candy puns in the world, the nonstop candy references was perfect for villain Sweet Tooth. Speaking of which, I must say I am very happy that they decided against using the Joker as the villain and chose a different assortment of bad guys. This really made the musical its own entity. New comer, Jeff Blim, did an incredible job acting the part of Sweet Tooth. While this is his first appearance with Team Starkid, I see a very bright future for this young man. If he is not picked up by Hollywood sometime as a new comedic star, I will be completely surprised. He will be one to watch. He has a lot of potential, and steals the spotlight in the musical.

Seeing as the musical is Batman themed, I did not expect other super heroes outside of Batman and Robin, but was delighted to see a large part for Superman and some “guest” spots for Green Lantern, and by the end, a number of other super heroes. Joe Walker is the perfect choice for Batman. He did a great job of creating a dynamic yet comedic version of the superhero. Nick Lang was perfectly cast as Robin. I don’t think any other actor in the company could have played the role any better. His take on the always mocked/underrated sidekick was flawless. Also deserving of praise is Brian Holden, a founding member of the company who has never had such a large role as he had this time around as Superman. He has continued to grow and evolve as an actor and singer through all the musicals. I was beyond impressed with his performance. I hope to see him grow further and stay in the spotlight.

All the characters and actors playing them, were phenomenal. I could rave about almost all of them if I had the time. It was a very, very impressive book, that was perfectly casted and performed. My only complaint was the character of Sherlock Holmes. I don’t think he added anything to the play. Nico Ager, is another newcomer. I had heard good things about him prior to viewing Holy Musical B@man, but I was unimpressed by him. However, he didn’t have much of a role aside from a few lines and playing Sherlock, so that could be no fault of his own.

While the book for the musical may be my favorite Starkid production, the music is not. The music is very good, and has continued to grow on me over the past couple days, but I think I’d have to give either Starship or A Very Potter Sequel my vote for best music.

Opening the musical with “Holy Musical B@man” sung by Dylan Saunders was perfect. Dylan is one of my favorite vocalists in the company, so hearing his voice to start things off is always a good thing. The songs are catchy, especially “Rogues Are We,” “The American Way,” “To Be a Man” and “Super Friends.” Brian Holden and Joe Walker’s voices on “To Be a Man” are perfect and for some reason haunting. The songs are all really well choreographed and performed in the musical. The songs are available for purchase over two albums “Holy Musical B@man! (soundtrack)” and “That’s What I Call Starkid Volume 2,” both currently available for purchase on Bandcamp (soon to be on iTunes and Amazon).

Overall, Holy Musical B@man is another success for Team Starkid and writing team Matt and Nick Lang. I am very impressed with their latest production. Congrats Starkids.


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