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Fringe: From Hurley to the Return of William Bell

*Spoilers contained*

I don’t want to write a lengthy blog recapping what happened tonight, to find out, you just have to go watch it yourself.

I really liked tonight’s episode! How could I not? It started with Walter getting high with HURLEY (from Lost), as Jorge Garcia plays a Massive Dynamic security employee, and ends with William Bell taking over Olivia’s body. You never know whats going to happen next.

I enjoyed watching Peter and Olivia grow in their relationship, and I’m glad he came clean to her in the end, even though it was interrupted. I feel like Olivia isn’t going to be too found of everything Peter did secretly and now not being able to deal with it. Also, I say it every week, but one of the best thing about Fringe is the acting and the various dimensions of characters the actors portray. Anna Torv has really had her work cut out for her this season between playing the two versions of Olivia, and now playing William Bell inside Olivia’s body. I can’t wait to see her master another side of the character.

The only downside to all of this, is for the time being we will be loosing the Peter/Olivia storyline because, obviously Peter is not going to date William Bell. (Hopefully, we will have another season to look forward to, with all the Polivia we can handle!) I wonder how it will work though, is Olivia trapped in her body, and aware of what is going on? Or is she stuck somewhere else?

Only time will tell. Overall, I thought the episode was great. I can’t wait til next week. Seriously people, If you are not watching Fringe, you really need to check it out. Its such a smart show! You’re missing out! 4.5/5 for tonight!

With that I leave you with this… who is excited to finally see Lincoln Lee in this universe?

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