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Monday, November 12 TV Review

For the sake of saving time I’m reviewing all the shows briefly in one post.

2 Broke Girls
And the Candy Manwich”

"And the Candy Manwich" was a fantastic episode of 2 Broke Girls. It was nice to see Max and Caroline leave the diner and have some time to further develop their friendship. Obviously the diner is key to the show being a sitcom but it’s always refreshing when they can get away from the diner and the cupcake business and have five seconds away from life. Everyone needs a break now and then, including the fans.

Andy was a great addition to the episode. I hope the writers handle Caroline and Andy’s relationship better than they did Johnny and Max’s. I wanted to root for Max and Johnny but the writing never supported it. First there was too little of Johnny, then a period with out him or any mention of him, then he was everywhere. It felt too haphazard. I’m really hoping Andy will be written with better care.

The jokes and humor this episode were also superior than past episodes. Nothing felt repetitive to me. I didn’t feel they were overusing any one joke/type of joke, there was a great amount of variety. And that, is what made it one of my favorites. 

Overall, a great episode, very enjoyable.


Hawaii Five 0
"I Ka Wa Mamua"

With Danno’s 100% guarantee how could this episode lose?

100% perfect from start to finish.


Ties That Bind”“

Oh Revolution. You are that one show, I love and hate. The show I want to love and sometimes do, but then I remember you are utterly predictable and shallow.

Everyone knew Nora’s sister was taken and going to be used as bate based on the preview last week. I was concerned for about 2 seconds for her safety, but the minute they saved her, I began to suspect that there was so much more in play. They got away too easily for it to be anything less than an elaborate trap. Plus, let’s face it they’ve been writing one crazy dilemma after another just to delay our hero’s goals. (Although, that is the basis of story telling, I suppose. But I always like when stories, make it feel effortless rather than forced dilemmas).

While it was very predictable, I almost believed (aka I wanted to believe) that Nora might actually go with her sister and leave, but that was obviously never going to happen, I just hoped a lot it would. So now the question lies in when we will see Nora’s sister again, because you know it’s gonna happen. TV land doesn’t let stories end like they did tonight. Not when the characters have been through so much. Her sister will find redemption just as Miles has been doing. It’s just a matter of time.

On the good side, Miles did get to fight and that is always enjoyable. He still is the only character that has any dimensions and even then, there are times when his character falls flat too. Charlie on the other hand is utterly dead weight. She has so little personality it pains me.


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This format worked last week, so I figured I would keep it this way until I have more time and/or the MLB playoffs are over. Short reviews are better than none.


It might be best to address this episode in bullet points based on character story.

  • Declan: Last week he agreed to hide stolen property. At that point, I criticized his character, I felt he knew better. In “Confidence” he had already escalated to breaking and entering with his friend. I am surprised the writers chose to progress so quickly with that subplot. It seemed like too much too fast.
  • Jack: My heart breaks for him, it does. I am so torn with his storyline. There are parts that I think are unnecessary, and others I want more from. I don’t feel Jack is as strong of a character this season as he was last.
  • Ashley: I liked seeing her back as the event planner. I love that version of her, she had her strong moments of importance, but it didn’t ruin her character by over doing it.
  • Charlotte: She might be Victoria’s daughter but she has such heart. I’m glad we are seeing more from her than the spoiled rich girl and her stereotypical drug problem.
  • Conrad + Victoria: When one pushes, the other pushes harder. So much drama and passion from these two. I can’t get enough.
  • Padma: I’m glad we are being introduced to her slowly, but as a Nemily shipper, I can’t fully accept her.
  • Emily + Nolan: Speaking of NEMILY! I know Mike Kelly says they will never happen, but I don’t know how. Last night’s episode was full on Nemily tension. Every one of their scenes was emotional and beautiful. The way Nolan caresses her arm when he stands to leave after she says she’ll find a way to thank him one day was so tender. Nolan Ross is completely dedicated to her, and she is not afraid to show him her vulnerable side. Whether they ever become romantic or not, their relationship is truly deep and beautiful. I hope nothing comes between them.
  • Emily + Amanda:  I love Emily. I do. I know the show is all about her and her journey of Revenge, but she is becoming just as bad as Victoria. I know she is only targeting people who wronged her, but innocent people are getting hurt. She is destroying Jack’s life. I know Jack only cares for Fauxmanda because he thinks she actually is Amanda, but the child is his regardless. Emily is lying to keep her best interest in line but, she has other love interests (as seen by Aidan) and Fauxmanda truly wants a family and trusts Emily and Emily is destroying her and Jack in the process. Emily can say she is better than Victoria, but she is not at all. Emily is destroying a family, just like Victoria did. Let’s hope Fauxmanda’s baby doesn’t go after Emily one day! But the road to revenge is never easy or pleasant. But if Emily wanted to be selfless, she should let Fauxmanda and Jack go and only hurt those deserving of it.

Overall, another great episode, a perfect one for all Nemily shippers.


2 Broke Girls
And the Cupcake War”

The episode was predictable, but fun. With the crazy number of cake and cupcake related reality shows and competitions, it was only a matter of time before 2 Broke Girls took a shot at one. However, seeing as the title of the show is 2 Broke Girls and not 2 Cupcake Champions, it was easy to assume that winning was not in the cards for our beloved waitresses. Maybe down the line, but seeing as this is only the start of season two, I don’t expect them to become unbroke for quite sometime.

Aside from that, the episode was entertaining and enjoyable. I love the ever growing relationship between the two girls. Their friendship is what keeps me watching. Through the good and the bad they stay true to each other, which is great.

One concern I had with the episode was Caroline freaking out at the audition. I don’t think that is totally believable. Caroline was rich and a socialite at one point. I would expect her to be calm and composed in front of the media. I know she was out of place at a cupcake competition but I would not have expected her to freak out as much as she did.

Regardless, another good episode.


Hawaii Five 0

Half the fun of watching Hawaii Five 0 is to see how badass Steve is each week. I love when he jumps out of windows and over cars and off bridges. Steve McGarrett is wonderful. Danny Williams is one lucky husband. I love that Danny just goes along with it and accepts Steve as Steve. Although Steve pulling his pants down in front of Danny, may top last weeks bromancing. It was so unnecessary but completely wonderful.

The case of the week was full of twists and turns, some of which I expected, others which I only caught on at the last minute. Cases like this are what makes this show so enjoyable. I loved it. It had a lot of aspects working in its favor. The only thing I haven’t fully accepted is Katherine and Steve’s relationship. It’s not the Steve and Danny ship getting in the way, rather Lori and Steve. I like Katherine; she seems great, but I don’t feel the chemistry. I feel a connection between them but more best friends than lovers. I felt much more chemistry between Steve and Lori Weston. I would love to see Lauren German come back one day.

I can’t wait to see where the storyline with Steve’s mother goes. Why is she lying and what was on that film?


Soul Train”

My problem with Revolution is still a simple one. Unless your name is Miles Matheson, I don’t care.

The premise of the show intrigues me, but the cast and characters leave a lot to be desired. I know they are working on creating depth and making the characters have more than one emotion, but I find that I still can’t connect with any of them. If every character died, I would not shed a tear, except for the obvious, Miles. Miles may have a one track emotional path right now, but its obvious he has suffered a lot and has a dark and deep past. I can accept not knowing everything about him and also understand that he is the anti-hero and I need should root for him.

Tonight they tried to show Neville had a softer side and was not always cruel. Showing that it was the situation of the blackout that changed him didn’t make a difference. It didn’t make me feel any more or less for him than I already did.

I did almost cared about Nora for a half a second, but then I thought, you know, I wouldn’t miss her for more than an episode, so if she died, it would be okay.

I am happy to see Charlie taking a stand and taking charge, but I worry she will fall back to her whining roots by next episode. I hope this is not the case. Danny started to improve slightly, but in my opinion he is still expendable.

The episode did offer the twist of Nate’s true identity. Although I did begin to suspect it before the reveal in tonight’s episode, prior to tonight, I hadn’t cared enough to even think about it. I wouldn’t care if Nate/Jason had died. Not sure I care now either, but at least he is more interesting. Up until this point, his character had no real concrete story or personality. He was a pawn in the larger story.


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I’m catching up on the television I missed because of the baseball playoffs, and thought writing a quick review for each show would be better than none at all.

(Spoilers contained)

"In Absentia"

I know I missed Friday’s review of Fringe. I wanted to watch the episode again before writing up my thoughts. However, to be honest the only thing I got out of the episode was that they cut off Simon Foster’s head and were experimenting on it. Desmond David Hume aka Henry Ian Cusick’s head was just there, blinking… I have never been more upset with Fringe in its entire existence. The rest of the episode was really great, I am loving this season (although I would like more Polivia, to find out what happened between them and where their relationship stands presently.) But, in the end, all I can see or remember when I try to talk about this episode, is Desmond’s head. I guess his reign of saving the world has ended. RIP Simon Foster (or is he still alive and just a head?)



Revenge is that one show, that no matter how bad a scene is acted or written, you can easily ignore it and look past it because the rest of it is so addictive. Every time you think you know what will happen next, the writers throw a curve ball at you and an entirely new scandal erupts. It is amazing how many times loyalties have shifted through the course of the show, and how the drama can keep coming and still feel fresh and exciting. It is the quality of an amazing drama, and that is what Revenge is, amazing.

While there are the obvious flaws that could bring other series down, Revenge finds a way to keep viewers distracted with the great parts, so that the flaws seem minor. My major concern for the show is for Declan and a little bit for Jack. I love Jack, but I don’t know where the writers are taking him. I know Emily lied to Fauxmanda about the paternity test, but in the end, the result is the baby is Jack’s and no matter how much he will hate Emily and Fauxmanda if he finds out the truth of who they both are respectively, the baby is still his and he won’t leave it. Aside from killing Fauxmanda (or her having a miscarriage), I don’t see how they will work through this. Declan on the other hand, is completely bland. He seems to lack any dimensions and makes poor choices. I need more from him, a more well rounded character in the writing, and then a better acting portrayal from Connor Paolo.

I must admit that I love sleepover times between Nolan and Emily. I love that he is comfortable enough to walk around her house in his boxers. If that is not a sign of the true depth of their friendship, I don’t know what is. She didn’t even seem phased. The two of them are perfect together. I hope we will get to enjoy their new roommate relationship for at least a little while longer.

Overall, another fantastic episode. This show is so much fun, and so scandalous, it really is addicting. It is the only way I can describe it.


2 Broke Girls
"And the Hold-Up"

I know I have been hard on this show since its return, but I really enjoyed last night’s episode. I thought it offered fresh content for the humor, but also worked on a dramatic level by expanding the range of the characters. I loved that we finally had an episode where Han was both made fun of, but also shown in a redeeming, positive light. It was a nice change of pace to see how a slight shift in the dynamics could change the relationships of the characters. I have to say that Sophie is still getting on my nerves. I loved her at first, but there’s been a little too much of her. I think if they cut her part down slightly, or didn’t have her every week, it would give me time to appreciate her character again.

"And the Hold-Up" is my favorite episode of this season. I can only hope that things only improve from here.


Hawaii Five 0
"Lana I Ka Moana"

I loved last night’s episode of Hawaii Five 0. I thought it was perfect in every way. It’s like the writers know how perfect Danny’s and Steve’s marriage is and find new exciting ways to make sure we get to see the best of our favorite quarreling couple. The entire first part of the episode was essentially just the two of them on a boat in the middle of the ocean, fighting and bonding. It really was a great episode for any fans of their bromance.

I have absolutely no complaints. It was a perfect episode.


"The Plague Dogs"

I didn’t think the acting and characters could get much worst, but then there was last night’s episode. The positive: one of the characters died. Maggie seemed sweet enough, but she was dead weight on the show. Her character didn’t have a real purpose and the acting was not much better. She was handed a death sentence, and her delivery of an artery being severed was so bland and unmoving, she could have been reporting the weather. You know the writing or acting is off, when a death scene that should be moving, is the opposite and you are rooting for the character to die. Now if we could get rid of Danny and some how find a way to make Charlie less annoying, the show might actually have a chance. (Is it wrong that I’m hoping for a straight out execution of Danny, no lead up, or fall out, just a straight execution much like how Keamy killed Alex on Lost-though to be fair, I enjoyed Alex.)

Despite everything I hate about the show, it’s sort of become a guilty pleasure. Not the show itself, but Billy Burke. I really love watching him as Miles Matheson. Miles is by far the most interesting and evolved character on the show. He seems to be the only one who is truly multidimensional and interesting. Everyone around him seems flat and dull in comparison. Billy Burke does a fantastic job of making Miles feel believable and engaging. He is the only reason I’m still watching the show.

Can I also mention the “Amen” by Neville, followed by the building collapsing on him… best written scene ever… Maybe Revolution could do with some new writers?


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La O Na Makuahine

"La O Na Makuahine" picks up where the adrenaline packed season finale left off, leaving viewers no time to stop and breath during the hour episode. I guess waiting the entire summer for the rest of the story was a break enough.

The season three premiere was action-packed and dramatic from start to finish. I can’t even believe it’s season three already, time flies. I remember when the show was just a little pilot and I was grieving over the loss of Lost. (Something’s never change).

Read more …

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Fall 2012

I’m not sure if I’m going to have time to blog about all the usual shows this fall + some new ones so this is just a tentative list of the shows I’m looking at covering:

Sundays: Revenge

Mondays: 2 Broke Girls, Hawaii Five 0, Revolution*

Tuesday: Pretty Little Liars (possibly, when it returns)

Wednesday: American Horror Story

Thursday: Person of Interest, Elementary**,

Friday: Fringe

*Revolution is going to be hard since it’s on the same time as H50, but I will try, at least for the first couple episodes just to give the show a feel.

**I love BBC’s Sherlock, and I hate the idea of a “Joan Watson” but I feel boycotting the show is silly and petty, so I will give it a chance. If I like it, perhaps I’ll pick it up. Although, I must admit it is on the same time as Scandal and previously I would have said no contest, but now that Henry Ian Cusick has left the show, I’m a bit more open to other options, so we’ll see.

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