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La O Na Makuahine

"La O Na Makuahine" picks up where the adrenaline packed season finale left off, leaving viewers no time to stop and breath during the hour episode. I guess waiting the entire summer for the rest of the story was a break enough.

The season three premiere was action-packed and dramatic from start to finish. I can’t even believe it’s season three already, time flies. I remember when the show was just a little pilot and I was grieving over the loss of Lost. (Something’s never change).

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Ua Hala

"Ua Hala" offers an explosive, thrilling finale of the CBS drama. The number of victims started piling up within the first few moments of the episode.

Many plotlines and stories that were set up throughout the season culminated in last night’s finale.

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Hawaii Five 0 meets NCIS:LA (again)

Earlier in the season, Hawaii Five 0 saw a brief cross over with CBS drama NCIS:LA. With the success of the NCIS spinoff it was only natural for the two shows to have another more in depth crossover event to help establish new fans for both series. So this week in a two part event the Five 0 task force and the NCIS LA division found themselves working together to stop a bioterrorist plot.

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I don’t think I will ever understand why CBS felt it best to schedule its spring shows every other week. It drives me crazy, but what can we do about it?

When the episode first started, reintroducing Shelburne and Joe White, I was very excited for the show to begin re-exploring this storyline, but as Danny read Steve’s “Dear Danny” letter, my hopes were dashed. I remembered that Alex O’Laughlin would be off the show for at least one or more episodes due to spending time in rehab. I am assuming that his time off the show, will lead to his character making some discoveries, and I hope that when he returns, we will be privy to all new information, and hopefully new paths to follow in the storyline.

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