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Many Happy Returns

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"Many Happy Returns" was a beautiful, but not very happy episode of Person of Interest. For the majority of the episode all I wanted was to step in the TV and give Reese a hug. I’m not sure how he would take that gesture, but he just looked so sad and beaten down, perhaps a hug would have made the world a better place, even for a moment. Somehow I doubt it though.

The episode continued to explore Reese’s past and who he really is, and how he got where he is now. The case of the week was the perfect fit and paralleled a cold case the FBI were currently working on. A case where John may have been involved.

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Blue Code

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"Blue Code" offered a return to the typical format of the series but while still keeping a slightly fresh feel. While the idea of undercover cop being exposed is not a new element in shows of this nature, Person of Interest does a great job of keeping the story interesting and different.

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