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An Origin Story

Episode five, and the countdown continues. The final episode of Fringe is set to air January 18, 2013 in a two part finale. (My heart is already breaking).

I don’t want the show to end, and further more, I’m worried it won’t end how I envision it. But isn’t that the risk we take as viewers. We have to trust the writers, we’ve never met, to bring closure to us. While they can’t appease everyone, I do hope that they do justice to the series.

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The Recordist

"The Recordist" marks the third episode of the final season of Fringe. While it was a good episode, I can’t say I loved it for one simple reason. The Fringe countdown clock is running. Each week the countdown ticks less and less. I love this show, and think it is great that even in the final season they continue to expand thinga. However, I can’t appreciate those things in the same way now. If we had more time, I would be all for meeting new characters and new stories, but with such a finite amount of time left, I just want Walter, Peter and Olivia (Astrid too, I suppose). I just want the characters I’ve come to love in the past four seasons to have as much screen time as possible.

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I’m catching up on the television I missed because of the baseball playoffs, and thought writing a quick review for each show would be better than none at all.

(Spoilers contained)

"In Absentia"

I know I missed Friday’s review of Fringe. I wanted to watch the episode again before writing up my thoughts. However, to be honest the only thing I got out of the episode was that they cut off Simon Foster’s head and were experimenting on it. Desmond David Hume aka Henry Ian Cusick’s head was just there, blinking… I have never been more upset with Fringe in its entire existence. The rest of the episode was really great, I am loving this season (although I would like more Polivia, to find out what happened between them and where their relationship stands presently.) But, in the end, all I can see or remember when I try to talk about this episode, is Desmond’s head. I guess his reign of saving the world has ended. RIP Simon Foster (or is he still alive and just a head?)



Revenge is that one show, that no matter how bad a scene is acted or written, you can easily ignore it and look past it because the rest of it is so addictive. Every time you think you know what will happen next, the writers throw a curve ball at you and an entirely new scandal erupts. It is amazing how many times loyalties have shifted through the course of the show, and how the drama can keep coming and still feel fresh and exciting. It is the quality of an amazing drama, and that is what Revenge is, amazing.

While there are the obvious flaws that could bring other series down, Revenge finds a way to keep viewers distracted with the great parts, so that the flaws seem minor. My major concern for the show is for Declan and a little bit for Jack. I love Jack, but I don’t know where the writers are taking him. I know Emily lied to Fauxmanda about the paternity test, but in the end, the result is the baby is Jack’s and no matter how much he will hate Emily and Fauxmanda if he finds out the truth of who they both are respectively, the baby is still his and he won’t leave it. Aside from killing Fauxmanda (or her having a miscarriage), I don’t see how they will work through this. Declan on the other hand, is completely bland. He seems to lack any dimensions and makes poor choices. I need more from him, a more well rounded character in the writing, and then a better acting portrayal from Connor Paolo.

I must admit that I love sleepover times between Nolan and Emily. I love that he is comfortable enough to walk around her house in his boxers. If that is not a sign of the true depth of their friendship, I don’t know what is. She didn’t even seem phased. The two of them are perfect together. I hope we will get to enjoy their new roommate relationship for at least a little while longer.

Overall, another fantastic episode. This show is so much fun, and so scandalous, it really is addicting. It is the only way I can describe it.


2 Broke Girls
"And the Hold-Up"

I know I have been hard on this show since its return, but I really enjoyed last night’s episode. I thought it offered fresh content for the humor, but also worked on a dramatic level by expanding the range of the characters. I loved that we finally had an episode where Han was both made fun of, but also shown in a redeeming, positive light. It was a nice change of pace to see how a slight shift in the dynamics could change the relationships of the characters. I have to say that Sophie is still getting on my nerves. I loved her at first, but there’s been a little too much of her. I think if they cut her part down slightly, or didn’t have her every week, it would give me time to appreciate her character again.

"And the Hold-Up" is my favorite episode of this season. I can only hope that things only improve from here.


Hawaii Five 0
"Lana I Ka Moana"

I loved last night’s episode of Hawaii Five 0. I thought it was perfect in every way. It’s like the writers know how perfect Danny’s and Steve’s marriage is and find new exciting ways to make sure we get to see the best of our favorite quarreling couple. The entire first part of the episode was essentially just the two of them on a boat in the middle of the ocean, fighting and bonding. It really was a great episode for any fans of their bromance.

I have absolutely no complaints. It was a perfect episode.


"The Plague Dogs"

I didn’t think the acting and characters could get much worst, but then there was last night’s episode. The positive: one of the characters died. Maggie seemed sweet enough, but she was dead weight on the show. Her character didn’t have a real purpose and the acting was not much better. She was handed a death sentence, and her delivery of an artery being severed was so bland and unmoving, she could have been reporting the weather. You know the writing or acting is off, when a death scene that should be moving, is the opposite and you are rooting for the character to die. Now if we could get rid of Danny and some how find a way to make Charlie less annoying, the show might actually have a chance. (Is it wrong that I’m hoping for a straight out execution of Danny, no lead up, or fall out, just a straight execution much like how Keamy killed Alex on Lost-though to be fair, I enjoyed Alex.)

Despite everything I hate about the show, it’s sort of become a guilty pleasure. Not the show itself, but Billy Burke. I really love watching him as Miles Matheson. Miles is by far the most interesting and evolved character on the show. He seems to be the only one who is truly multidimensional and interesting. Everyone around him seems flat and dull in comparison. Billy Burke does a fantastic job of making Miles feel believable and engaging. He is the only reason I’m still watching the show.

Can I also mention the “Amen” by Neville, followed by the building collapsing on him… best written scene ever… Maybe Revolution could do with some new writers?


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Transilience Thought Unifier Model-11

After tonight’s season five premiere episode, only 12 remain before the show draws to a close. I am very grateful to Fox for giving us these additional 13 episodes, but I’d be lying if I didn’t say I had hoped for more. Fringe was the one post-Lost show that really felt right. It by no means replaced Lost, but it became a staple in my television viewing schedule. I’m not sure what I’m going to do without it. It feels weird just thinking about it.

I have all the faith in the world that the writers can wrap it up in a manner worthy of the series, but I worry that they will not be able to answer all the questions they have put forward. Now that we are in 2036, I’m curious how many of the past-present (2012) storylines will fall through, or if they stop cold. I would very much be interested in what happened between 2012 and 2015 and then 2015 to future-present, 2036.

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Fall 2012

I’m not sure if I’m going to have time to blog about all the usual shows this fall + some new ones so this is just a tentative list of the shows I’m looking at covering:

Sundays: Revenge

Mondays: 2 Broke Girls, Hawaii Five 0, Revolution*

Tuesday: Pretty Little Liars (possibly, when it returns)

Wednesday: American Horror Story

Thursday: Person of Interest, Elementary**,

Friday: Fringe

*Revolution is going to be hard since it’s on the same time as H50, but I will try, at least for the first couple episodes just to give the show a feel.

**I love BBC’s Sherlock, and I hate the idea of a “Joan Watson” but I feel boycotting the show is silly and petty, so I will give it a chance. If I like it, perhaps I’ll pick it up. Although, I must admit it is on the same time as Scandal and previously I would have said no contest, but now that Henry Ian Cusick has left the show, I’m a bit more open to other options, so we’ll see.

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