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Cowboys & Aliens

I’m not sure how to put my complete thoughts about Cowboys & Aliens into an appropriate review so I’m going to make a list of things I learned from the film…

  1. Harrison Ford got old, but he is still Harrison Ford and will forever be epic, even if he looked out of breath and tired in most of the movie. I think its time for him to retire from action films, though this breaks my Indiana Jones loving heart.
  2. Daniel Craig is badass. Sadly, I’ve never actually seen any Daniel Craig movie, so this was my first exposure to him, but if he can carry this movie, he can carry anything. Daniel Craig is a fantastic actor, and well deserving of the accolade he recieves.
  3. The term alien wasn’t coined in the wild west. I actually appreciate that they never use the word in the movie, despite the films title. Instead the characters refered to the creatures as ‘demons’, a more appropriate assumption by the characters. This is the one major prop I’ll give to the writers. I think this was their best decision.
  4. Olivia Wilde who is very attractive, seemed out of place. (Although to be fair, she is not from here.) I think she was supposed to be sexy and probably draw in some male viewers, but it didn’t work in my opinion.
  5. There was more of a plot than I expected, but it was scattered with many plot holes. If you watch the film on a surface level and take it as you see it without thinking its not bad, but if you try to think about it, you will find that there are many plot holes and things that just don’t make sense. (I still want to know what the aliens wanted gold for…)
  6. Jack Lonergan (Daniel Craig) is attached to his hat, much like Indiana Jones and Jack Sparrow.
  7. A dog has a better chance of surviving an alien attack then a human. This is a fact that I appreciated, because I hate when animals are killed, especially innocent dogs.
  8. Native Americans can be forgiving and find the good in people, even if they don’t deserve it. Maybe we shouldn’t have been so terrible to them. I’m very glad they had a positive depiction of Native Americans. Another little fact I appreciated.¬†
  9. The visual effects are seemless, creating a realistic looking alien invasion in the wild west.
  10. The movie successfully captures the feel and spirit of an old western, with its visual appearance, and stereotypical characters that must adjust to the presence of outsiders.

Overall, Cowboys & Aliens¬† is an okay movie. Each individual viewer’s opinion of the movie will be affected by their prior expectations for the film. For viewers, like myself, who go into the film questioning how the movie even made it to production, you may be surprised and find it better than you thought. However, for viewers who expect a masterpiece, you most likely aren’t going to find it with this Cowboys & Aliens.

Cowboys & Aliens does push the idea of aliens further by setting the story in the past rather than the present or future, making it a more original story. While the film is better than some alien movies, I’m still holding out for an epic Alien invasion story that blows all previous ones out of the water. For now I will continue to wait for this to happen.


And finally one final thing I learned:

  • Daniel Craig is a badass and can take on anyone and anything. The staff and crew behind the film owe him a lot of thanks, because he is the one highly redeemable thing in the whole movie. To thank him for this the term “badass” should be redefine as “Daniel Craig.”

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