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The Land of Stories: The Wishing Spell

The Land of Stories is a captivating children’s novel full of adventure, magic and self discovery. The book reminds the reader that even in the darkest of times, there is always something unknown around the corner. No one can predict what will happen next in life and everyone must learn to accept their life as it is. Sometimes the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. A new life brings new problems.There is good and bad in everyone’s life, and not every fairy tale ends in a “happily ever after.”

The Land of Stories is inspiring and heartwarming. It is one of the most beautiful books I have read in a while. What I found most wonderful about it, is the hope and heart the book instills into the reader. Like the original fairy tales the book is inspired by, the novel itself is full of life lessons and morals for a better way of looking at life.

While The Land of Stories is classified as a children’s novel, I think readers of all ages should pick up this book and allow themselves to enter the world the author created. It is wonderful for children (although there were a few moments of brief violence), but also for anyone who has ever loved or been inspired by fairy tales. Whether you are/were an avid fan, or just look back on these stories with nostalgia, The Land of Stories will give you new perspective on these age old tales. Although, I will warn older readers that I found the book entirely predictable and think I managed to figure out everything in advanced. Despite this fact, the book never lost my interest. The story, the characters, and the heart in the writing kept me captivated within the world. I can just imagine how enthralling this would be a child.

The Land of Stories is smart, entertaining, magical, enchanting, witty, heartfelt and creative. Overall, it is a great read for people of all ages. I leave you with the quote the appears on the first pages of the book by C.S. Lewis. I feel it perfectly captures the spirit of the story as well as something society is in great need of. In the hard times many people face in today’s economic and political crises, it may be time to start reading fairy tales again. At the heart of every story is a life lesson that people may need to hear to help them through the tough times they face. No matter what society says, you are never too old to believe in fairy tales. They exist because people need the messages hidden within them. Maybe it’s time we all believe in magic again.

"Some day you will be old enough to start reading fairy tales again"


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With the third season of Glee coming to a close, “Choke” is the first episode that I feel focused more on those graduating then other issues. In other words, the episode was not over dominated with Blaine. We actually went an entire episode and Darren did not have a solo. I thought the world might end before that, but I was wrong, thankfully. Obviously that was dramatic and I don’t entirely mean it, but needless to say, I welcomed the lack of Blaine solos. Darren Criss fans really can’t complain either, Blaine still had plenty of screen time (more than many other characters) so it was a nice middle ground. Blaine was still there, he just wasn’t in my face every five seconds.

That all being said, I liked the episode. While it was not the best or my favorite, I feel it began to point the show back into a direction that will help bring it full circle and pull the focus back to the original glee club members and the graduating seniors.

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Struck By Lightning

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I had the pleasure of working as part of the Screening Crew for the 2012 TriBeCa Film Festival at the School of Visual Arts Theater in Chelsea, New York. My venue hosted three of the four screening’s of Struck By Lightning. Of the three, I worked two of them in which I met a lot of Struckers and Gleeks but I also met a lot of new/potential fans who didn’t know much about the film, which was quite enjoyable as well. The remaining show of the three, I did attend as a guest and was treated to a phenomenal screenwriting debut by Chris Colfer.

Struck By Lightning tells the story of  misfit high schooler Carson Phillips, played by Chris Colfer, who’s only goal in life is to get out of his small town, graduate from Northwestern University, and then go on to have one of the most prestigious and successful journalism careers of all time. Unfortunately for Carson, graduating high school and surviving its trials is ultimately what he needs to focus on before he can begin his future.

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Saturday Night Gleever

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I skipped reviewing Glee last week for two reasons. Firstly, I was not able to watch “Big Brother” on Tuesday, and by the time I was able to watch it, it seemed irrelevant to review. And secondly because my bias against the character of Blaine, would have made for a more negative review than the episode deserved. On a whole level, it was a great episode and guest star Matt Bomer was amazing, but as I have stated previously, I think there has been too much Blaine this season. I do not approve that Blaine gets a brother episode before Finn/Kurt. They are two of the leads (well they were prior to Blaine) yet we’ve never actually seen them have brother time, which is disappointing.

I was hoping that “Saturday Night Gleever” may bring a break to the Blaine centric songs, but to my dismay the first person we see and the first solo of the night went to Blaine. Really, Glee? Really? Since when is he the only person on the show? Honestly has Kurt (the only reason Blaine is in New Directions) had a solo since pre- West Side Story? I don’t think so. Seeing as Kurt (not Blaine) is the one graduating, it may be nice to give some of the actual Seniors songs.

It’s funny I don’t actually hate Blaine or Darren Criss, I just feel they have over saturated Glee and I want other characters to sing. There is just too much Blaine, and he’s not all that interesting, to be honest.

Aside from Blaine opening the episode, he actually did fade away, which I was grateful for. The rest of the episode (for me) was overshadowed by the return of Jonathan Groff’s Jesse St James. Although, Groff was only in the episode for probably one minute, he captivated the screen. I really hope he is utilized more in future episodes, because he is far too talented to just have a couple scenes culminating a few seconds each. I hope that they give him more material or a song in the future. He is an amazing guest star and deserves more. However, I loved the scene between him, Kurt and Mercedes. It was perfect. The dynamics and tension were phenomenal.

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On My Way

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"On My Way" marked the last new episode of Glee until April. Fans everywhere have begun having nervous breakdowns…but I am sure the weeks will fly by and our favorite musical high schoolers will be back on our screens before we know it.

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Valentine’s Day

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It’s Valentine’s Day at McKinley High and to celebrate the week surrounding the holiday, the Glee Club celebrates by singing the “Greatest Love Songs.”

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The Spanish Teacher

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"The Spanish Teacher" received much hype from the cast and fans in preparation for Ricky Martin’s arrival. I have never been a huge fan of his, nor did I take Spanish in any level of school (took French from Middle School through College) making tonight’s episode hard to get into. I understand what they were trying to achieve with this episode, and think it was a great idea, just for me personally it wasn’t one of my favorites.

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