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"2πR" the first episode of Person of Interest in 2013 is Reese-lite with extra-Finch.

While I really did miss seeing Reese, it was great to focus on Finch’s ability to solve the problem of the week and help the latest victim. Plus, for viewers who aren’t keeping a close eye on the television schedule of returning shows, it might be best to keep the Reese centric storylines for another week, just in case viewers still recuperating from the holidays missed this week.

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The High Road

When Reese moves into the suburbs with Ms Zoe Morgan, the suit comes off (literally).

New house. New car. New clothes. New John? Well maybe not a new John. He seemed to struggle with the sedentary life of living in the suburbs. His discomfort in his polo shirts is perfect. I’m glad to know our favorite vigilante will not be hanging up his suits anytime soon.

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And the Pearl Necklace

2 broke girls, two broke girls, 2 broke girl$, kat dennings

I’m going to be honest, I actually had to watch this episode twice, because I was too distracted by baseball to fully focus on the new episode the first time through. However, even without the distraction, the second time viewing the episode was not that much better.

I found myself bored and disconnected as a whole. The episode just felt flat, and predictable. They need new characters or something, because there are only so many height and gay jokes they can make about Han before it feels old and tired. Sometimes its still funny but other times you just see him and know its coming and then its just a matter of can the quips live up to your expectation for the moment or not.

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