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I’m not a huge fan of either Cher or Christina Aguilera (not for lack of talent, their music just never was my style) but for some reason I wanted to watch this movie, despite its mixed reviews. I’m glad I did!

I really enjoyed Burlesque. There were parts where I felt it was unrealistic and dramatic for the sake of drama, but overall, I found it very interesting. If you examine the plot of the film critically, there are many flaws. However, for me, the plot and story were secondary to the songs, dances and costumes. The performances throughout the movie were spectacular. If you like burlesque style dancing and music, this is a great movie to watch. Cher and Christina are incredible. Cher’s song “You Haven’t Seen The Last of Me” was breath taking. Burlesque is a really well casted and executed movie. There is much room for improvement in the actual plot, but like I said, the movie really isn’t about that.

Although the plot is predicitable and flawed, the amazing musical numbers and casting saved this movie.Worth also mentioning are Stanley Tucci and Cam Gigandet, both were great in their respective roles.


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