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Brave New World (Part 2)

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I’m torn on if writing a review for this episode would be best or I should just keep it simple. I’m currently opting for keeping it simple but with some criticism? I’m trying for some middle ground. I really don’t want to critique what could have been our last episode of Fringe ever. I feel like I should just be grateful to Fox for giving us another thirteen episodes, and not complain about anything. At the same time, it is not our last episode, and I have a few thoughts.

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Letters of Transit (extended edition)

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As promised on Friday, I am reblogging about the latest installment of Fox’s Sci-fi drama Fringe. Original post here but I imagine things that I spoke out then will also be more thoroughly discussed in this post.

"Letters of Transit" offered viewers a look at what happens when the Observers stop observing and start taking action. In 2036, the observers are in control and have split humanity into natives and loyalists. The original Fringe team has been missing for decades and the Fringe Division that survived remained so as a police department of sorts to keep the "natives" in check while being under the control of the Observers.

The episode offered what I believe to be one of the best of the series thus far. The episode deepened the show’s mythology and offered a new storytelling device. While I thoroughly enjoyed the episode, I don’t understand the relevance of it at this point int he season. Similarly it didn’t feel finished or complete. I’m not sure if it was meant to be 90 minutes or a two hour episode, but it needs more. I would love to see this episode act as a platform for a series of episodes, or even an entire season.

I need to start by addressing the fact that I LOVE that this show changes the opening for each new timeline, version/our understanding of the world(s) in question. Season one’s opening will always be my favorite, but I really enjoyed the 2036 future. Watch it here. It perfectly represented the future and feel of the episode. The show is more creative and pays more attention to detail than any other show on television at the moment. Fringe is quality television. I don’t understand why it doesn’t have a larger fan base.

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The Consultant

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I’ve been keeping a close track on all the renewal/cancellation rumors for Fringe’s fifth season, and from what I’ve been reading a thirteen episode final season seems promising. Lets all keep our fingers crossed that this in fact does happen. While I’d much prefer a full twenty-two episodes, thirteen is enough to keep it a live just a bit more. It gives the writers notice that this is it, so they can make sure they end it fully how they want it to end. It also will mean Fringe will hit the 100 episode mark which it is eligible to go into syndication. Achieving that many episodes for this series would be a spectacular feat for the series and a testament to its fanbase. So lets keep our thoughts positive, and continue to spread the word of #Fringe. As always #SaveFringe.

I hate that ratings for this series are so low. I watch a lot of television, I don’t even write about 1/3 of what I watch, but Fringe is easily one of the best, smartest series. It deserves more viewers. Although I had concerns about the direction the season was taking early on, the past several weeks have proven those concerns irrelevant over and over again. “The Consultant” continues to impress and bring season four to an amazing close. 

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Everything In Its Right Place

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(Possibly) only five more episodes of Fox’s Fringe left ever. This is a fact that makes me very nervous and sad. I have complete faith the writers can bring the series to a reasonable close within those dates, but there’s so much potential still left in the two worlds. I do not want it to end. I don’t want these people to leave my life. The past four years have been incredible, and if this is it, I will truly miss them. I hope Fox lets us know soon. I rather know sooner than later, as I’m sure the cast and crew would as well. We all deserve an answer. #SaveFringe Fox, Save it!

Now onto the weekly review, featuring a double dose of our favorite Agent Lincoln Lee.

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The End of All Things

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Initially upon viewing the latest episode of Fringe entitled “The End of All Things,” I had decided I wasn’t going to review the episode. I wanted to keep my thoughts to myself and let them grow over the next month without the show. However, after giving it some thought, I’ve decided to compromise by discussing some thoughts, concerns, theories and questions about “The End of All Things” without speaking to all of them.

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Back to Where You’ve Never Been

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It seems like Fringe has been gone for quite a while, but the break is finally over. It’s been even longer since I last reviewed the series. I wanted to take a break for a couple of weeks, to get back to appreciating the series as a fan again. Fringe is one of my favorite series on television currently, and my favorite on Fox.

"Back to Where You’ve Never Been" was a great episode to bring in the new year. Although, there was no "case of the week," the episode focused more on the characters and their relationship to each other than a particular science anomaly. While I find the fringe science very interesting, it is hard to deny the pull and strength the drama has had on the series and the story as a whole, which makes episodes like tonight’s necessary for it to function.

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Fringe episode titles often offer insight to the story of a particular narrative. Tonight’s was entitled “Novation.” Not knowing what the term meant, I decided to Google it and see what I could find.

According to Wikipedia, Novation is “the act of either replacing an obligation to perform with a new obligation, or replacing a party to an agreement with a new party.” This idea of replacing one thing for another can relate to this week’s Fringe episode in two ways. First there is the replacement caused by the new shape shifters. They are replacing the older model, as well as replacing the human counterparts they represent. Secondly, there is Peter, who in his own words is a paradox. He was never supposed to live and in the new timeline he didn’t, yet some how he survived the deletion of the original timeline. 

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Subject 9 [SPOILERS containted]

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Fringe has finally answered the question that viewers have been dying to learn…#whereisPeterBishop. Well now everyone will see that #PeterBishopisfound, but no one remembers who he is. One problem at a time I suppose.

There will be no recap tonight. This post will simply serve as a review with brief notes. I believe it is extremely important that all Fringe fans watch this episode. While every episode is important and I hope fans watch them all, some are more so than others. 

An entire case and episode took place from the start of the episode until #PeterBishopisfound. Although, that seems less important now, it’s quite important because the case itself lead to Peter’s return. It was a little predictable in that I assumed that’s were the case was heading, but the way it was presented had an heir of anticipation and excitement that kept it from actually feeling predictable.

Walter and Olivia visit “Subject 9” from the Cortexiphan trials, because they think he is responsible for the entity that is following Olivia. Through this we learned a little more about the new world as well as were treated to some great character development.

As viewers will know, in the Peter-less world, Walter has not left the lab since being released from the institution, but tonight, he insists on accompanying Olivia to prove he is coping and doesn’t need to return to being hospitalized. John Noble, as always, is fantatstic at portraying Walter in a way that shows all his quirks and fears while allowing the viewer to understand what he is going through. The relationship and moments he shared with Anna Torv’s Olivia were beautiful and perfectly delivered.

Fringe is an underrated show and deserves awards in its own right, but John Noble beyond deserves an award, as does Anna Torv. The Academy is missing out on this amazing show and cast. I know Fringe doesn’t have the viewing numbers that other nominated shows have, but the quality of the writing and acting is far superior than many award nominees.

Aside from Peter’s return the most interesting development was Olivia’s mention that she had not seen any of the Cortexiphan trial subjects since they were kids. I would assume this means that Nick Lane, Sally Clark and James Heath did not cross over to the other universe and die there. This supports my theory that William Bell could still be alive as he would not have had to help Olivia, Peter and Walter cross back over in “Over There (Part II).”

"Subject 9" is an exceptional episode of Fringe. It answered questions viewers have been waiting for. It delivered character development and growth. It continued to give us information on how the world has been effected and changed. It was well written with brilliant performances by its cast. Perfect on every level.


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One Night In October

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Tonight’s Fringe episode was so good, I had to watch it twice before I could properly write about it. Honestly, I’m just thrilled to have the show back on my television, although the episode is terrific on its own.

In “One Night In October” viewers were in for a treat as Olivia was forced to work with Fauxlivia and Lincoln to help stop a serial Killer over there.

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