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Brave New World (Part 2)

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I’m torn on if writing a review for this episode would be best or I should just keep it simple. I’m currently opting for keeping it simple but with some criticism? I’m trying for some middle ground. I really don’t want to critique what could have been our last episode of Fringe ever. I feel like I should just be grateful to Fox for giving us another thirteen episodes, and not complain about anything. At the same time, it is not our last episode, and I have a few thoughts.

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Nothing as it Seems

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Ever since Peter disappeared at the end of last season, and we were introduced to the altered timeline at the beginning of this season, I was always curious how the Fringe Divisions cases were the same or different due to the change. It has taken the majority of the season, but finally Fringe delivers what I’d been hoping for, and I was not disappointed.

"Nothing as it Seems" show how certain aspects of the universe outside Fringe Division and Massive Dynamic has changed. It seems in the Peter-less timeline, the villains were gaining the upper hand (slowly). David Robert Jones seems to finally be making a mark on things.

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The End of All Things

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Initially upon viewing the latest episode of Fringe entitled “The End of All Things,” I had decided I wasn’t going to review the episode. I wanted to keep my thoughts to myself and let them grow over the next month without the show. However, after giving it some thought, I’ve decided to compromise by discussing some thoughts, concerns, theories and questions about “The End of All Things” without speaking to all of them.

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