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"2πR" the first episode of Person of Interest in 2013 is Reese-lite with extra-Finch.

While I really did miss seeing Reese, it was great to focus on Finch’s ability to solve the problem of the week and help the latest victim. Plus, for viewers who aren’t keeping a close eye on the television schedule of returning shows, it might be best to keep the Reese centric storylines for another week, just in case viewers still recuperating from the holidays missed this week.

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The High Road

When Reese moves into the suburbs with Ms Zoe Morgan, the suit comes off (literally).

New house. New car. New clothes. New John? Well maybe not a new John. He seemed to struggle with the sedentary life of living in the suburbs. His discomfort in his polo shirts is perfect. I’m glad to know our favorite vigilante will not be hanging up his suits anytime soon.

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Bury the Lede

Why did my first review back have to be this week’s Person of Interest? I apologize for the lack of substance to this post, but tonight’s episode can be reviewed in two simple words: Smart + Sassy.

Person of Interest has been that one show to defy my initial judgements. I liked the show early on, but I had concerns. It has gotten better each week since its debut. It’s one of the few series that I believe truly continues to grow and get better with age. Each week is fresh and exciting. I’m hardly ever bored. I have so much love for this series, I hope it continues for seasons to come.

Tonight’s episode was simply smart and sassy. I can’t describe it any better than that.

I could go into details of what I liked and didn’t like but again, two simple words will do.

Liked: Everything
Didn’t Like: Nothing.

So in review, “Bury the Lede” is smart and sassy, full of drama and wit, where everything is enjoyable and nothing is awful. In a word, perfect.


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Bad Code

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Someone please tell me how to beat Oregon Trail as fast as tween Root aka Sam did. I always die of dysentery, I feel you Hannah!

I grew up on Oregon Trail, as I’m sure most kids who grew up in the late 80s and 90s did. It was awesome. It’s still awesome. I have Oregon Trail on my ipad, and still struggle to make it to Oregon on the hardest level. (Obviously the graphics and the game have evolved since its creation, but its still fun). It was a nice throwback and something that I’m sure many of POI’s viewers could relate to, or at least recognize.

Oregon Trail aside, I suppose it’s time to get down to discussing the episode… it was just as wonderful as last week’s premiere, and the season finale before that. This show hit a stride somewhere in the middle of season one and has been unstoppable ever since. I’m very happy to see this series has become more than I thought it could have, during its first few episodes last fall.

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The Contingency

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Crazy and highly capable

…that about sums up Person of Interest’s John Reese, but only to an outside eye. He is highly intelligent and deeply motivated, which makes watching each episode all the more exciting.

The second season of CBS’s sophomore drama started off really well. It had all the makings of a great hour of television:
Fast-paced, check.
Thrilling adventure, check.
Kick-ass action sequences, check.
A sense of humor, check.
Sass, excitement, unpredictability, charm, check, check, check, check.

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Fall 2012

I’m not sure if I’m going to have time to blog about all the usual shows this fall + some new ones so this is just a tentative list of the shows I’m looking at covering:

Sundays: Revenge

Mondays: 2 Broke Girls, Hawaii Five 0, Revolution*

Tuesday: Pretty Little Liars (possibly, when it returns)

Wednesday: American Horror Story

Thursday: Person of Interest, Elementary**,

Friday: Fringe

*Revolution is going to be hard since it’s on the same time as H50, but I will try, at least for the first couple episodes just to give the show a feel.

**I love BBC’s Sherlock, and I hate the idea of a “Joan Watson” but I feel boycotting the show is silly and petty, so I will give it a chance. If I like it, perhaps I’ll pick it up. Although, I must admit it is on the same time as Scandal and previously I would have said no contest, but now that Henry Ian Cusick has left the show, I’m a bit more open to other options, so we’ll see.

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Dear writers of Person of Interest,

After these past few weeks of phenomenal episodes, I expect you to continue this trend in season two. I do not know what you were doing in the first half of season one, but it did not work as well as what you are doing now. Stick with this, because this, is better on every level.  The writing, the plots, the characters, the overall arcs, everything is more better composed then at the start of the season.

This show has seen incredible growth over its freshman year on the air. At first, I didn’t know how long it would last. I had my doubts that after sometime the names involved would wear off and the fans who only came for the names, would begin to fade away. I am glad I stuck through the rocky start, and waited for you to find your way. It was worth it. These last couple months of the season have been highly enjoyable.

Thank you for picking up the pace, and finding your way. My only hope is that season two can start and continue as strong as this season ended. If you can do that, the series will continue to grow and become a truly amazing staple in the television world.


a fan.

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