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Tron (1982)


Tron, it’s one of those things you know about but don’t remember where you first heard about it or why you know what you know; at least that’s how it was for me growing up. My parents didn’t even know each other yet when Tron came out in the early 80s, so the movie released well before I was born. With its cult status, it is one of those things you can either spend your whole life being aware of and not really understanding or, you can take the initiative to learn more.

I will admit, it wasn’t until I saw the first preview for Tron: Legacy, that I was really interested in taking that step toward learning more about Tron. Unfortunately at that time, the only way to watch Tron was to find a VHS copy of it. Since VHS tapes are all but obsolete, this proved difficult. The copies I was able to find online were quite pricey. With no DVD version available at the time, I saved the movie in my Netflix queue, hoping that eventually a DVD version would release and I would be able to see the movie. Earlier this year the DVD was released but it had a “Very Long Wait,” but alas yesterday I received the DVD in the mail!

I love Tron:Legacy; it is one of my favorite movies released in the past couple years. I love the lighting and effects, but mostly I love the idea of a digital frontier. The Grid and the idea of Tron was memorizing. Its the perfect film and idea for this generation. To think that it started back in the early 1980’s, is incredible. Tron was way beyond its time when it was made, but I’m happy that it stuck around in the back of everyone’s minds and was able to reappear now in the 21st century.

Seeing as the original Tron film was made almost 30 years ago, I had no expectations for the graphics and effects. I didn’t want to go into it expecting more than it would have been capable of delivering. I love Star Trek also, so I tried to imagine the movie with slightly better graphics than the original series had. With this expectation, I was greatly impressed with what they were able to do with technology at the time. Its nothing like what we have today, but what they did with Tron was new and different at the time and set the ground work for movies today.

The story is not all that different than the basic plot in the sequel. I was most surprised with how similar the stories were, actually. However, seeing that the movies are 30 years apart, I think we can forgive them for that.

Overall, I really enjoyed the movie. It was inspiring to see how much has changed in the past 30 years in cinema. To see the development from Tron to Tron: Legacy is fantastic. Imagine what it was like to see Tron back in the 80’s and try to think of what the future would be like…do you think anyone would imagine where we are now? What will movies be like in another 30 years? It’s really inspiring and amazing to think about.

For fans of the franchise, who have not seen the DVD there is a bonus feature called “The Tron Phenomenon.” Its about 10 minutes long and features the writers and actors of Tron Legacy as well as some of the original actors and people involved with Tron. It is really interesting to hear Jeff Bridges and Bruce Boxleitner talking about Tron then and now and how different it was filming the first movie compared to the sequel.

I’m not giving the movie a grade because it seems wrong to do so 30 years later, especially after all that the movie has done to progress what is possible in digital technology and effects, but I recommend giving it a chance!

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