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sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast. count them and see whats really possible.

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Glee Blames It (on the Alcohol)

Warning: Alcohol runs rampant in the halls of McKinley High!

With the pressure of writing an original song getting to her, Rachel agrees to host a party with the help of Puck at her house while her parents are out of town. The show that challenges stereotypes continues to explore stereotypes through a comedic look at what happens when you are drunk. [ie- angry, sad, needy, happy, stripper, ect]

Trying to prove that she is not a needy drunk, Rachel initiates a game of spin the bottle that gets a little steamy, when a kiss between Blaine and Rachel begins to make people uncomfortable. However it leads to a beautiful duet of “Don’t You Want Me” between the two. I think all Glee fans are dying right now. The two of them together are beyond incredible (vocally). I just feel bad for Kurt!

Queue the hangovers (which they feed with Bloody Marys) and a “Blame It (on the Alcohol)” cover!

Needy Rachel Berry resurfaces, as she asks Blaine out on a date… and he agrees to the dismay of Kurt.(poor baby, but he was being hard on Blaine… Kurt and Rachel are so alike when things don’t go their way!)

Okay, now its time for the teachers to let loose! Lets go Mr Schue… and Coach Beiste with a cover of “One Bourbon, One Scotch and One Beer” at a bar.

I love when Rachel and Kurt get in the same room! Chris Colfer and Lea Michele have such amazing chemistry and the characters they portray are excellent.

The whole episode was leading up to the Alcohol Awareness Week assembly where the Glee Club was set to perform. They chose “Tik Tok”, which isn’t about the negative affects of alcoholism but the message was proven in the end. In perfect Ke$ha fashion, they all had a drink before performing, leading to Brittany and Santana puking on stage bringing the performance to a close and further adding to their list of unforgettable assembly performances.

Mr Schue hits rock bottom as he finds out that he did not drunk dial Emma, rather Sue, who decided to make an example of him and the out of control glee club by playing his voice mail over the loud speaker.

Fortunately for the Glee Club, Principal Figgins thought their performance was an act to show the kids the negative effects of drinking, and congratulated them on a job well done. They got off easy but Mr Schue didn’t want to see a repeat performance and had them all sign contracts, agreeing not to drink until after nationals… when they will all share some sparkling wine!

To bring the night to a close, Rachel and Kurt set out to find out who was right about Blaine’s true sexuality. Rachel, not under the influence, surprises Blaine at the coffee shop and kisses him. A situation which seemed like it would be a lose for at least Kurt or Rachel, turned out to be a win-win, as Blaine admitted that he is “100% gay” and Rachel finally got inspiration to write a song for glee club that is not about her headband.

Overall, I wasn’t sure what to expect from this episode, but it turned out to be a lot of fun. I enjoyed it! 4/5

Side note: I really love Kurt’s sweater/jacket! Where can I get it?

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