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Flesh and Blood

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Elias continues to gain power and a following in “Flesh and Blood,” leaving Carter, Reese, Finch and Fusco to decide how they handle the situation. Can two good cops with a little help from friends take down Elias’ organization without hurting anyone?

"Flesh and Blood" in my opinions is one of the best episodes ofPerson of Interestto date. There was action, drama, and suspense; the format changed enough to make the storyline interesting. Although there were certain aspects that were easy to predict, such as John saving Carter’s son, the way it happened was still pretty "badass" (to steal her son’s description of John).

I thoroughly enjoyed finding out who Elias is and how he became that way. I look forward to hopefully learning more about him in the future. Although, it seems Carter and Fusco were able to bring him to justice/jail in the end, I have a feeling this is not the last of Elias we will see, and if for some reason it is, I would be highly disappointed, because he’s storyline is not finished. He seemed too calm, to worry about jail, he must have other plans in progress. Change is still coming, he has seen to that and I can’t wait to see what is next.

I am a little surprised they did end up catching Elias. I imagined that we wouldn’t seen any sort of progress with that storyline until the season finale. This fact, along with the phone call from jail and the explosion, lead me to believe, this wasn’t the end, and just another piece in the puzzle. I am curious were they plan to take the storyline from here, and what time frame they are looking at.

My only major complaint is the episode wrapped up pretty quickly. I think the storyline was strong enough to support either a two part episode, or an extended episode. I do not think it needed to be completely wrapped up within the typical hour. I would have rather had the story extended more to keep up the suspense.

Regardless, it was a very interesting and exciting episode of the series. One of my favorites so far.


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