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Dream Reaper

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"Dream Reaper" offered one of the best episode’s of SyFy’s Being Human this season. The episode followed Aidan and Josh as they try to save Sally from herself. The relationship between the roommates is pushed to the test as they must fight to survive and stay alive.

I don’t blame Sally for wanting to stay locked away. If I were her, I wouldn’t want to come out of dream land either, that house and boy were both gorgeous. She dreamed up a beautiful life, with beautiful colors.

It was nice to have a whole episode basically centered around the roommates with very little outside interference. I know we had Reaper/Scott and Zoe but they fit into the larger roommate story, and worked splendidly.

The idea of temptations continued to tie the season together as while trapped in the house, all three roommates had to deal with a tempting situation. Sally could have stayed in her perfect dream world, Aidan needed blood and Josh had to find away to not kill everyone in the house. As proven this season, Josh continues to be the strongest among the three. He is desperate to be human, and keep the house as a special, safe place.

I’ve always wondered why Aidan never fed on Josh. I figured it was something to do with werewolves and vampires, but I always was curious why or why not. I am still a little curious as to what exactly happened, but it seems that no matter how good Josh’s blood is, almost killing Aidan is not worth it. The whole scene was very well done, in its writing and acting. Josh and Aidan’s bromance was in full swing with their argument just before, where they seem like an old married couple, and then Josh letting Aidan feed on him, which was mixed with drama and comedy.

I love Josh’s sarcasm, and jokes throughout the episode. I also just really love Josh in general. He is an amazing character (as are the rest of them as well). Josh and Aidan together are perfection. It was great to have some intense bonding between them.

I greatly enjoyed Aidan’s vulcan hand sign at the mention of mind melding. That was perfect. Aidan’s knowledge of pop culture is quite entertaining. I love it.

Meaghan Rath also does an amazing acting job this week and is quite scary when possessed, by herself. Who knew she had so many teeth.

Overall it was an incredible episode. I like that Reaper/Scott isn’t gone. I was wondering if it could be as easy as Sally wishing him gone. As he said, he is a part of her and she needs to deal with it, not push it aside. I’m curious as to if Sally completely manifested Reaper/Scott, appearance and all or did she know/meet someone with his appearance and just create him from that. Either way “Dream Reaper” was a must see episode of the series.


"Holy crap, you’re monsters" -Zoe
"Thank You" -Josh

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