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When I Think About You, I Shred Myself

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Jay Baruchel on Being Human? as an old friend of Josh? Yes, and yes!

I was happily surprised to see Jay Baruchel on my television. It was unexpected, but he is the perfect old friend for Josh. Although I felt his storyline was quite predictable, I did enjoy his time on the show, and hope they bring him back in a future episode. However, I’m not sure how possible that is, seeing as he is in love with Julia and possessed Josh to sleep with her, the typical werewolf-human-ghost love triangle.

Initially, I did like Josh and Nora, but her character grew tiresome. I haven’t minded her absence recently. Her and Josh no longer have anything in common and her being near him is dangerous. If she continues to kill people, it could put him in danger as well. He deserves better than that. I’m on the fence with Julia, but she does seem to still love him, although, I think it’s pretty fast since she was just with Aidan a few weeks ago.

Aidan’s flashbacks with Henry were very interesting and well done; I did miss Bishop however. It was nice to see how they first met and how Henry became a vampire. The parallels between Henry saving Aidan during the war, and Aidan saving the skinless Henry were perfect. They had some great on screen chemistry today. Seeing as they both love women so much, I doubt they ever did anything together, but their eye chemistry was quite intense. If the writers ever wanted to do it as a brief side story, I’d say tonight’s episode was plenty of a set up.

Sally’s story wasn’t completely a shock. I did theorize that the reaper might be in Sally’s head, but to see the extent to which Sally is possessed/out of control was intense. Next week’s episode looks crazy, I can’t wait to see what happens with it all. Who knew ghosts could be possessed, or is she just crazy? (I will miss Reaper though, he was quite attractive!)

Overall, I loved the episode. The acting was amazing, the storyline was interesting, the roommates had scenes together and grew closer and further away at the same time. Each has their own inner (and outer) demons to face, but through it all, they belong together.


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