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sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast. count them and see whats really possible.

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Put simply, when the cast and crew of Revenge said “Charade” was going to be a game changing episode, they did not lie. “Charade” takes the drama, thrills and suspense to a new high, levels above what has been delivered so far.

The fast paced episode puts it all on the line, and resembled a mid season finale more than just another episode. Unfortunately, viewers will still have to wait an extra week to find out what comes next in the ever evolving Hamptons saga, but it’s better than months. After tonight’s episode, viewers might need a week vacation to assess all the events that have taken place so far, and what is still to come.

To truly see the whole picture, I recommend viewers go back to the beginning and watch all seven episodes that have aired so far between now and November 16. It will be a good refresher but also events and circumstances may have different undertones, knowing what we know now.

It is no wonder, Revenge has an ever growing fanbase. It does well in ratings, but it deserves to do better. Revenge is easily the smartest, most well planned, thrilling series on television currently. It also does an amazing job at keeping the story fresh and exciting, while almost never being predictable. That is an incredible feat.

Congratulations ABC, Revenge is a stunning work of art. I am in awe.



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